GMA Councils, Committees and Working Groups

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Science and Education Foundation Board
Trading Partner Alliance

Government Affairs Councils, Committees and Working Groups

Consumer Products Policy Committee
Government Affairs Council
  Federal Affairs Committee
  Food Waste Reduction Alliance
  Personal Care & Household Products Government Affairs Council

Industry Affairs Councils, Committees and Working Groups

Advisory Council
  Advisory Council Executive Committee
Chairman's Advisory Council
Industry Affairs Council
  Chief Financial Officer Committee
  Human Resources Share Group
  Industry Development & Advisory Committee
  Information Systems Committee
    IS Committee Cybersecurity Manufacturers Roundtable
    IS Committee Cybersecurity Subcommittee
    IS Committee Manufacturers Roundtable
  Joint Industry Coupon Committee
  Sales Committee
    Digital Commerce Subcommittee
    Industry Talent Working Group
    Omni-Channel Effectiveness Working Group
    Retailer Collaboration Working Group
    Sales Committee General Members
    Sales Executive Committee
    Supply Chain Optimization Working Group
  Supply Chain Committee
    Joint Industry Unsaleables Leadership Team
    TPA On Shelf Availability Task Force

Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Councils, Committees and Working Groups

Science and Regulatory Affairs Council
  Allergen Committee
  Bioengineered Disclosure Steering Committee
    Bioengineered Disclosure Communications Working Group
    Bioengineered Disclosure Labeling Working Group
    Bioengineered Disclosure Scope Working Group
  Biotechnology Committee
    "Non-GMO" Certification Working Group
  Biotechnology Steering Committee
  Chemicals Management Committee
    Acrylamide Comment Task Force
    Chemicals Management Committee Personal Care and Household Products
    Chemicals Management Steering Group
    Chlorate Working Group
      Chlorate Scientific Gap & Improvement Group
      Chlorate-E.U. Regulatory Group
      U.S. Regulatory Group
    Codex Committee on Contaminants in Foods Group
    Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA)
    GRAS Code of Practice
    GRAS Database Team
    GRAS Framework Task Force
    GRAS Strategic Team
    Heavy Metals Working Group
    MCPD & GE Working Group
    Process Form Contaminants Work Group
    Redbook Comment Development
  Food Packaging Committee
  FSMA Steering Group
    FSMA Intentional Adulteration Strategic Working Group
    FSMA Supply Chain Management Working Group
    FSMA Task Force
  Microbiological Safety Committee
  NLR Steering Committee
  Pesticide Residue Committee
  Processing Technologies Committee
  Regulatory Inspection and Compliance Committee
  Regulatory Policy & Strategy: Ingredient Safety
    Caffeine Working Group
    PHOs/Trans-Fat Working Group
  Science and Regulatory Affairs Council Executive Team
  Sodium Steering Committee


Legal Committee
  Legal Executive Committee
  Litigation Committee
  Mateel Group


Communications Committee

Global Strategies Councils, Committees and Working Groups

Global Strategies Council
  Global Nutrition Share Group
  Standards Committee
  Trade Policy and International Affairs Committee
    Export Certification Working Group


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