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Food for Thought 

Food for Thought Webchat Series: FSMA's Recall Requirements (#SRA-2016-f6)

In this web chat, learn what is expected of food manufacturers regarding recalls under the Food Safety Modernization Act. In addition to providing best practices for food recalls under FSMA, the 45 minute session focuses heavily on FDA and food safety experts answering questions from the web chat’s live audience.

On Demand Recording - $0.00

GMA Webinar Series 

Food Labeling 100 Webinar: Laying the Foundation (#SRA-2016-f5)

An introductory short course on food labeling, laying the foundation of the laws governing food labeling and the concepts and terminology of what's required to develop a food label. Viewers will have the knowledge and resources to identify statutory authorities that govern food labeling, describe the required label elements for FDA and USDA-regulated products, and describe the different approaches that FDA and USDA prescribe to food labeling.

GMA Members - PDF & On Demand Recording - $50.00
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GMA Webinar Series 

New Nutrition Facts Panel: Implications for Ingredient Suppliers (#SRA-2016-n4)

In this webinar, ingredient suppliers will be able to:
• Identify changes to the Nutrition Label that require new or different information on ingredient composition
• Identify analytical and other methods that can be used to obtain nutrient information
• Understand compliance requirements for the new labeling rules and timing for their implementation

GMA Members - PDF & On Demand Recording - $0.00
Nonmembers - PDF & On Demand Recording - $135.00

GMA SEF Webinar Series 


Los nuevos Controles Preventivos para Alimentación Humana (PCHF) de FSMA presentan un nuevo conjunto de retos para procesadores de comida. Notablemente control de los posibles peligros alimentarios ya no se limita a los controles de los procesos críticos tales como los utilizados en sistemas de inocuidad alimentaria de HACCP. PCHF requiere procesadores para ampliar el concepto de controles preventivos para incluir, entre otros, los controles de la cadena de provisión. Este altamente informativo webinar se dirige esos controles preventivos en la cadena de provisión. ¿Cuándo se necesitan? ¿Cómo son implementados y verificados? Únase a nosotros para averiguar cómo los controles de la cadena de provisión pueden ser un elemento eficaz de su Plan de Inocuidad Alimentaria PCHF.

GMA Members/SEF Donors-PDF & On Demand Recording - $50.00
Nonmembers - PDF & On Demand Recording - $100.00


TSCA Reform: What Does It Mean For You? - A GMA Webinar (#SRA-2016-tr)

The Senate passed H.R. 2576 on June 7, 2016. This bill makes important changes to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The bill was signed by President Obama on June 22, 2016 and is effective immediately. The new law will result in fundamental shifts in the requirements under TSCA pertinent to manufacturers of personal care products, while introducing important new concepts and approaches to domestic chemical management.

This timely webinar will address pertinent questions such as how, and by when, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will implement the new law, and how stakeholders can be expected to participate in these opportunities.

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Nonmembers - PDF & On Demand Recording - $50.00


Acidified Foods Manufacturing School Manual (#SRA-2014-a)

The accompanying manual for the Acidified Foods Manufacturing School offered through North Carolina State University. The program provides instruction in concepts ranging from food handling techniques to critical factors in acidification. This program qualifies commercial operators and plants producing acidified foods to meet the requirements of the umbrella GMP and the specific GMP for acidified foods.

Paperback - $75.00

GMA Webinar Series 

Nutrition Label Reform Final Rules Webinar Series (#SRA-2016-n)

The revised rules represent the largest overhaul to the Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP) and pertinent regulations since the inception of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act over 20 years ago. If you sell, market or manufacture packaged food and beverages, your product label will likely change as a result of these rules.

By the end of this 3-part series, participants will have the knowledge and tools to:

Identify brands and products impacted by final regulations
Develop new nutrition labeling strategies
Create an action plan to prepare your operation for the final rules and compliance dates
Apply requirements to the development of new labels, nutrient and health related claims and marketing strategies

GMA Members - PDF & On Demand Recording - $149.00
Nonmembers - PDF & On Demand Recording - $449.00

GMA Technical Guidance 

Control of Salmonella in Low-Moisture Foods Guidance Document (#SRA-2009-c)

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) Salmonella Control Task Force developed this guidance to address the control of Salmonella when manufacturing low-moisture foods. The guidance is applicable to various products that include, but are not limited to, peanut butter, cereals, dry protein products, confections, snacks, spices, animal feeds, pet foods and pet treats. Depending on the susceptibility of the product to Salmonella contamination, all or selected practices described in this guidance may be applied. The guidance outlines best-practices in various topics including hygienic design, hygienic practices, verification and validation.

PDF - $0.00


Documentation and Recordkeeping: From the Plant Floor to the File Drawer and Beyond Webinar (#SRA-2016-d)

At the conclusion of this webinar, viewers will have the knowledge and tools to determine what records your company must create and retain as part of the final Preventive Controls rule, describe the scope of FDA's records access under FSMA, and apply practical tips and industry practices to your recordkeeping procedures.

GMA Members - PDF & On Demand Recording - $89.00
Nonmembers - PDF & On Demand Recording - $189.00

GMA Technical Guidance 

Guidance on Laboratory Selection and Evaluation (#SRA-2016-g)

Created to provide guidance to food testing laboratories on Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and to provide information to food manufacturing companies on criteria that can be used to select and evaluate a laboratory. Includes a laboratory checklist which can be used for initial laboratory selection and ongoing auditing.

PDF - $0.00

HACCP Manual, 5th Edition 

HACCP - A Systematic Approach to Food Safety: A Comprehensive Manual for Developing and Implementing a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Plan, 5th Edition (#SRA-2014-h)

NEW EDITION!: The fifth edition of this popular instructional and resource manual builds on the knowledge and practical teachings used by the industry to teach and implement HACCP. Featuring new advances in food science and regulatory references from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), this text is a must for HACCP-related food safety management.

Paperback - $89.99


Better Process Control Schools (BPCS) - Training Slides, 8th Edition (English) (#SEF-2015-b)

This slide set, available for direct download, contains 17 PowerPoint presentations which illustrate the primary textual concepts and images contained in our latest Canned Foods manual, 8th edition. An excellent teaching aid for anyone teaching Better Process Control Schools.

Digital Download - $750.00


Successfully Managing Product Recalls and Withdrawals (4th Edition) (#SRA-2014-s)

Significantly expanded, the 4th edition of this comprehensive manual will prepare regulatory, safety and quality assurance professionals for managing a recall from soup to nuts.

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Nonmembers - PDF - $125.99


Food Labeling Manual: Complying with FDA Requirements for the Labeling of Processed Foods (2nd Edition) (#SRA-2008-fl)

This detailed manual covers the basics of food labeling of FDA-regulated products, including how to design the Principal Display Panel, what goes into ingredient statements, and how to develop Statements of Identity.

GMA Members - $100.00
Nonmembers - $300.00

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