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Navigating the Global Marketplace

The CPG marketplace has become a global marketplace. Rapid advancements in technology, communications, diplomacy and trade have enhanced our access to the overseas markets that help GMA member companies compete and grow their business. At the same time, a host of foreign countries and international organizations routinely seek changes to international trade that impact our ability to conduct business around the world.

What We Do

Through its Global Strategies department, GMA helps its members expand their overseas investment and navigate the complex international business landscape by helping them engage in global commerce as efficiently as possible. The association works to eliminate tariff and non-tariff trade barriers, harmonize standards for food, beverage and consumer products (Codex, ISO), encourages border efficiencies, and advocates common-sense policies related to investment and tax, intellectual property and counterfeiting, multi-lateral organization activity (WHO, WTO, OECD), market-based commodity prices and customs facilitation.

APEC-Partnership Training Institute Network

To improve food safety practices and technical processing expertise in Asia-Pacific countries, GMA helped create a network of training institutes in this region.

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Energy & Biofuels

GMA supports policies that will help the U.S. increase alternative energy and biofuels production without turning more food and feed into fuel.

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Free Trade Agreements

GMA strongly supports expanding trade opportunities and lowering trade barriers around the world.

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Codex Alimentarius

GMA is active in the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the primary food safety standards body used to settle global trade disputes related to food in the World Trade Organization.

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International Council of Grocery Manufacturers Associations (ICGMA)

The International Council of Grocery Manufacturer Associations is an international non-governmental organization that represents food manufacturers worldwide. With official standing before the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Organisation for Economic and Co-operative Development and the International Chamber of Commerce, ICGMA promotes the harmonization of scientific standards and policies concerned with health, safety, packaging, and labeling of consumer packaged goods.

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Contact: Melissa San Miguel, Director, Global Strategies and Multilateral Affairs