Food Safety Legislation

Understanding the Impacts of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

Ensuring the safety of our products is the food industry’s most important priority. GMA worked closely with legislators to craft the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act and will work closely with the FDA to develop rules and guidance to implement the provisions of this new law.

To understand the impacts of this new legislation, click here for the GMA webinar on the major provisions of the new law and how they will affect GMA members.

Effective Implementation

On behalf of our members and the food industry, GMA staff and experts have developed an action plan to support effective implementation of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act provisions.

Right now GMA is working to make members aware of what the law requires, what it means for their businesses and how to implement any changes needed. Secondly, GMA is planning how to best approach the regulatory process to ensure that any new regulations are science based, feasible and cost-effective ways to achieve the legislation’s objectives.

GMA is also planning to develop industry and regulatory guidance through a series of workshops that will facilitate information sharing between GMA members and FDA authorities on the state of the science and industry practices.

To help ensure the industry stays in compliance, GMA will be hosting a series of training programs to educate member companies on the practical implementation of any new regulations. Lastly, there is a large international component associated with the new law and GMA will continue to work to ensure effective integration of these new requirements.

Training Programs

March 30 Webinar: Building Blocks of an Effective Food Safety Plan
This webinar will focus on preventive control elements as outlined in the FSMA.

Implementation Resources

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Contact: Louis Finkel, Executive Vice President, Government Affairs