GMA Services & Capabilities

Public Policy Leadership

GMA and its member companies work with policymakers on the federal and state level to develop and promote responsible public policy solutions that sustain and enhance the quality of life for billions of people in the United States and around the globe.

The association serves as a vital link between the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry and key policymakers in the executive branch, on Capitol Hill and within the federal agencies that oversee our industry. By cultivating responsible public policy solutions through a genuine partnership with policymakers, GMA is able to successfully address the important issues facing our industry, our nation and the world.

GMA employs a comprehensive approach to policymaking, including policy development, advocacy, coalition development, Congressional testimony and public comments, public opinion research and grassroots mobilization. Through this holistic approach, GMA advocates effective, responsible and fact-based public policy solutions.

Communicating Industry’s Responsible Approach

In today’s fast-paced and diverse news environment, effective communication with policymakers, consumers and the media has never been more important.

GMA and its member companies have an impressive story to tell when it comes to the issues that matter most. From product safety and environmental sustainability to health and nutrition and myriad other issues, GMA communicates the CPG industry’s vision and responsible public policy solutions to external audiences. We use a powerful combination of advertising, media relations and online communications strategies.

A Forum for Manufacturer-Retailer Collaboration

Among the common goals shared by manufacturers, retailers and their suppliers is the quest for new and sustainable business growth. Through its industry affairs practice, GMA helps its members grow their business by tapping into market trends and changing consumer attitudes. And, in partnership with its members, GMA conducts comprehensive and cutting-edge research that leads to greater efficiency in bringing consumer products to market, allowing trading partners to reduce costs and more effectively manage inventory along the supply chain.

From merchandising, sales and marketing to reverse logistics, supply chain management and information technology, GMA has redefined the meaning of collaboration. Through its industry affairs practice, the association provides the thought leadership, platforms, research, venues and engagement opportunities that help manufacturers connect with their trading partners and serve consumers faster, better and more completely than ever before.

Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Expertise

Because science is at the heart of GMA’s mission, the association has a robust scientific and regulatory affairs capability to:

  • Promote science-based, fact-based legislative and regulatory decisions
  • Work with member companies and federal and state regulatory experts to advance product safety
  • Conduct laboratory research to ensure the safety of food, beverage and consumer products and their packaging
  • Educate and train CPG company experts on industry model practices and regulatory compliance
  • Evaluate emerging scientific research and interpret findings for member companies and policymakers