For Consumers

Information and Resources for Healthy Living

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and its members are committed to ensuring that consumers have safe, healthy food and grocery options. Because of the importance of healthy eating and the magnitude of our nation’s obesity problem, we’re not satisfied with taking small steps. In fact, in just the last several years, we have changed the way we develop and market more than 30,000 products, reducing fat, trans fat, saturated fat, sugar, salt and calories.

Making smart food choices for yourself and your family is critical to good health. GMA and its members are constantly working to provide consumers with helpful, easy-to-understand and essential information about grocery products and nutrition.

The organizations and initiatives below are part of this effort. Visit their websites to learn more about healthy eating, nutritional information, or programs working to address obesity.

Learn about What’s Being Done in Schools

The Healthy Schools Partnership (HSP) is an innovative, school-based program designed to integrate a nutrition curriculum with physical education.

GMA strongly supports the Partnership, which uses Registered Dietitian Nutrition Coaches to motivate students, alongside PE4life teachers. Using this novel approach, HSP’s three partners—the American Council for Fitness & Nutrition Foundation (ACFN), the American Dietetic Association Foundation (ADAF), and PE4life—have challenged traditional methods and revolutionized the teaching of nutrition and physical education.

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s being done in schools to educate kids on health and fitness, please visit the Partnership’s website.

Additionally, GMA strongly supports First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign—a national effort to address childhood obesity. The campaign provides information on staying active, eating well and taking action.

To learn more or get involved, visit the Let’s Move website.

Achieve a Healthy Weight

The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation is a national, multi-year effort designed to help reduce obesity—especially childhood obesity—by 2015. The Foundation is a first-of-its-kind coalition that brings together more than 100 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, sporting goods and insurance companies, trade associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and professional sports organizations.

The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation promotes ways to help people achieve a healthy weight through energy balance, or in other words, calories in and calories out. It focuses on three critical areas–the marketplace, the workplace and schools.

In addition to the Healthy Weight Foundation’s main website, there are three websites associated with the campaign that provide ideas for families to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives, as well as ideas for achieving health and wellness in the workplace and in schools:

  • Energy Balance
    A free wellness resource for teachers, students and families
  • Family Wellness Guide
    Stay healthy with these fun (and fit) ideas
  • Your Wellness Advantage
    Turn workplace wellness into a competitive advantage for your business.

Use the Food Pyramid

Through the Food Pyramid, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides important guidance to help consumers understand what’s involved in achieving a healthy diet. But the government takes this effort a step further with their “MyPyramid” program, which provides tips and “personalized eating plans and interactive tools to help you plan/assess your food choices based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

For more information on this USDA program, please visit MyPyramid.

To support this vital effort, GMA joined with the Food Marketing Institute for the “Take a Peak into My Pyramid” initiative. Through this program, GMA and FMI are helping food retailers educate and inform consumers while they are shopping about My Pyramid and the government’s food guidance system, and to make it easy for you to incorporate the system into your daily lives.

Understand Food Safety

A top priority for GMA and its members is ensuring that all of our products achieve the highest possible safety standards. We are constantly working with Congress and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to strengthen food safety standards and testing.

As part of our industry’s culture of continuous improvement, GMA is home to a fully functional food science laboratory. Here, top scientific experts conduct their own research on food manufacturing processes and ingredients with the goal of making food and beverage products even safer.

Below are two GMA initiatives designed to keep you informed about product safety:

  • Fight Bac: GMA and its partners in the Partnership for Food Safety Education have created an online resource with a wealth of information on safe food handling. Here, you will find cooking and storage safety tips, information on foodborne illnesses and educational materials.
  • GMA’s Acrylamide Facts website provides consumers with the information they need on acrylamide—a chemical compound recently discovered to form naturally in many foods as they are cooked—including comprehensive FAQs and cooking tips.

More information is also available on FDA’s website.

Keeping the Industry Green

GMA and our members are committed to doing our part in preserving the environment—and there is lots that you can do, too.

As an industry, we have significantly reduced the materials used in product packaging. Additionally, many of our member companies have implemented a variety of sustainability programs, from using biodegradable materials to supporting community recycling programs and using environmentally-friendly shipping methods and containers.

We are constantly raising our sustainability standards and supporting the development of new technologies that will allow us to shrink our environmental impact even further. We encourage you to recycle when possible and keep the environment in mind when you are grocery shopping for your family.

For more information on things you can do every day to help preserve the environment, please visit the website for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.