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Celebrating Five Years of Facts Up Front

August 4, 2016

By: Mary Sophos, Executive Vice President Policy & Strategic Planning

This year marks five years since the launch of Facts Up Front, the food and beverage industry’s voluntary front-of-pack labeling initiative. Facts Up Front makes it easier for consumers to access the most pertinent nutrition information they need in order to make the best choices possible.

The Facts Up Front system has simplified the shopping process just by bringing key nutrition information to the front of packages. This enables shoppers to make quick decisions while being able to pay attention to important nutritional information. No matter how busy or distracting a shopping trip can get, there is always time to glance at the package and get the right items into your cart.

More than 100 manufacturers and retailers are using Facts Up Front to give consumers information to help them make informed decisions while shopping.

GMA has partnered with Share Our Strength, a national anti-hunger nonprofit, to support its Cooking Matters program which empowers families with tools and information allowing them to get the most out of their food budgets and cook nutritious meals at home. Information on Facts Up Front and similar initiatives was distributed to 21,000 Cooking Matters participants to help them understand front-of-pack food labeling while shopping.

Participants in the Cooking Matters program reported that front-of-pack labeling helped streamline their trips to the grocery store. One participant said that thanks to the nutrition highlights on the front of the cereal box, she can “grab a box and go” helping to “make a better choice more quickly, especially about sugars in cereal.” This shopper’s experience perfectly sums up the significance of Facts Up Front.

And there’s more to Facts Up Front. The initiative’s website houses a wide range of resources from meals plans and recipes to a nutrition calculator and quiz.

The needs of consumers are always changing and industry isn’t stopping at Facts Up Front. A new program called SmartLabel was recently launched and will give consumers the ability to access information beyond what they can find – or what fits – on a package label. If this is how far we’ve come in just five years, we can’t wait to see where we are in five more.


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