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Keeping the Holidays Free of Foodborne Pathogens: The Danger Zone »

December 19, 2016

By: Samantha Cooper, Manager, Food Safety and Quality Assurance

If you haven’t already attended a holiday event, the time is likely approaching for your office to throw an end of the year celebration. If you’ve signed up to bring in a dish, keep the following food safety tips in mind:  

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Understanding FDA’s GRAS Final Rule »

October 3, 2016

By: Manojit Basu, Ph.D., Technical Lead, Consumer Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs and René Viñas, MS, Ph.D., Toxicologist, Consumer Product Safety

Ensuring the safety of food products and maintaining the confidence of consumers–is the single most important goal of our industry. The long history of producing safe, quality and affordable food has been supported by the industry’s use of ingredients added during production. These substances are used for functions such as taste, texture, flavor, color, consistency, and shelf life preservation and are commonly referred to as food–additives.

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Meat me at 160°F »

August 30, 2016

By: Kristen Spotz, Senior Manager, Food Safety and Quality Assurance and Jeanette Litschewski, Intern, Science Program Management

A visual check for cooking your meat just won’t cut it. GMA wants all consumers to know the importance of using a thermometer as a primary check for whether your meat is ready. Raw meat has microscopic bacteria that can cause illness ranging from an upset stomach to more serious illnesses.

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Spotlight on CPG Environmental Successes: Water »

August 11, 2016

By: Meghan Stasz, Senior Director, Sustainability

The availability, use, and quality of water is becoming a top sustainability priority, due to events like the record drought in California and quality issues in watersheds.

GMA’s 2016 Environmental Success Stories in the Consumer Products Industry report which highlights the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector as a leader in water use and efficiency. Food and household products companies are finding ways to be even better stewards of the watersheds in which they operate.

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Spotlight on CPG Environmental Successes: Waste »

August 8, 2016

By: Meghan Stasz, Senior Director, Sustainability

Waste is a byproduct of just about every system- from the food or consumer products’ supply chain to manufacturing processes to individual households.

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is always striving to be as efficient as possible to minimize waste in the system through packaging and manufacturing innovations and finding new value in what was once considered waste.

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The QR code debate…. It’s about the content, not the technology »

August 5, 2016

By: Jim Flannery, Senior Executive Vice President, Operations and Industry Collaboration

Over the past few weeks I have seen and heard a lot of opinions and complaints about the use of QR codes to provide consumers with the information they seek about the food, beverage, personal care, household and pet care products they use and consume.

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