IS Committee Cybersecurity Subcommittee

The Cybersecurity Subcommittee is a community of peers focused on the exploration of cybersecurity topics and practices relevant to GMA member companies. It will focus on the technical aspects of cybersecurity risk management. More specifically, the mission of the Information Systems Cybersecurity Subcommittee is to: 1. Actively support the IS Committee’s sharing of IT knowledge, trends and practices by focusing on cybersecurity technologies to manage and mitigate business risk. 2. Champion the advancement of cybersecurity knowledge, skills and best practices across the industry in collaboration with the GMA board of directors, councils and committees. 3. Provide a forum for member companies’ security professionals to share common experiences, insights, approaches/frameworks, technologies, and problem solving relevant to the industry. 4. Be a working committee to advance industry knowledge on cybersecurity issues by developing best practices and issue specific white papers, and engaging in initiatives that can be shared with GMA member companies

Staff Liaison: Mr. Keith Olscamp, Director, Industry Affairs, Grocery Manufacturers Association

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