Classroom HACCP Training - 2011

The Online HACCP Follow-up Workshop

GMA is a recognized leader in HACCP-based approaches to food safety, having partnered with manufacturers and regulatory agencies to promote safe food production for more than 100 years.  Its institutional knowledge of manufacturing practices far exceeds that of other training providers.  GMA HACCP training features the most up-to-date information of importance to the industry, including many regulatory nuances not found anywhere else, earning an outstanding reputation with industry professionals and regulatory agencies alike.

This course has been specially designed to complement GMA's online HACCP training and provides hands-on experience with the development of a mock HACCP plan to facilitate better understanding of the online material and its application to actual products.

Participants will be issued a certificate of participation upon completion of the workshop.  The certificate can be used to demonstrate compliance with the training requirements of the federal HACCP regulations.

Please note: Attendees must have passed all chapters of
GMA Online HACCP Managers Training

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            1:00 pm Wednesday, August 17 through 12:00 pm Thursday, August 18


 GMA Headquarters
 1350 I Street NW
 Suite 300
 Washington, D.C. 20005


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