Collaborating for Growth

The Collaborating for Growth Conference is a joint conference of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) under the auspices of the Trading Partner Alliance (TPA).

The purpose of the conference is to provide education to industry members on collaborative opportunities for top- and bottom-line growth in the CPG marketplace. Collaborating for Growth will focus on how food retailers and CPG manufacturers can better meet changing consumer demands through collaborative approaches to innovation, sales and sales promotion, loyalty programs, in-store execution, supply chain management and much more. It will address new marketing, technological, demographic and merchandising trends in the CPG and food retailing industry, and will focus on greater collaboration, problem-solving and relationship-building between manufacturers and their retail partners to achieve sustainable growth.

Through interactive experiences and unique opportunities for dialogue, participants will take home valuable tools, tactics and a deep understanding of best practices to ignite growth in their own business. 

The conference will target C-suite executives and senior-level managers in the functional areas of sales, marketing, merchandising, customer development, supply chain, operations and strategy. The intent is to provide educational content that will speak broadly to total organizational operations and encourage collaborative thinking between trading partners across all departments and functional areas.

The content of the conference will be organized into Areas of Focus. Though this list is not intended to be exhaustive, the following are focus areas for presentation:

  • Consumer Insights (to include but not limited to: making insights profitable, leveraging Big Data and growth analytics , connecting with Gen Y shoppers and Baby Boomers, customer consumption/buying habits)
  • Innovation and Technology (to include but not limited to: emerging trends, enhancing the shopper experience, technology-assisted consumer engagement, leveraging Big Data and growth analytics, omni-channel commerce strategies)
  • Marketing/Merchandising Strategies (to include but not limited to: alternative growth channels, new technologies, private brands as an enabler, improved in-store execution, activating social influencers, multicultural and multigenerational marketing)
  • Supply Chain Management (to include but not limited to: leveraging data to drive collaboration, joint business planning)
  • Organizational Culture (to include but not limited to: organizational focus on growth, new metrics for success, lessons learned from other industries)

The Collaborating for Growth Conference Planning Committee (“Planning Committee”) welcomes conference general and breakout session proposals.

Proposals must be submitted by Friday May 24, 2013 using the online Abstract Scorecard™ System.

Proposal must:

  • be no more than 200 words in length
  • identify specific proposed speakers and include a short bio of each presenter
  • identify the preferred format (60-minute general session or 45-minute breakout session)
  • focus on collaborative efforts between trading partners to enhance top- and bottom-line growth
  • provide three learning objectives that indicate the insights and/or takeaways that conference attendees will gain from the session

The Planning Committee may grant preference to presentations submitted by FMI and GMA members and to presentations delivered by peer industry practitioners and/or their retailer partners. For this reason, the Planning Committee recommends that industry suppliers and knowledge partners collaborate with CPG manufacturers and/or retail customer(s) to speak about an issue, technology, service, etc., in a “vendor neutral” scenario. Please work collaboratively with your partners to ensure approval on the selected topic and session participation prior to submission.

If your session is chosen, the Planning Committee requests that presentation materials or an executive summary be available for distribution to attendees and posting on the Collaborating for Growth Conference website. The materials will be posted on or after October 7, 2013.

Should your session be accepted, the GMA and/or FMI staff will contact you to confirm session date and time, logistics and confirmed speakers. Correspondence will include:

  • A set of speaker guidelines
  • A presentation slide template
  • Log in details to the Conference Harvester™, the online speaker data management system used by FMI/GMA. You will be given a personalized task list based on your presentation with a deadline for each task. You may also use the Conference Harvester™ to update your profile and upload a photograph and biography.

FMI and GMA will provide notification of session selection on or by June 30, 2013.

*Strict adherence to the above timeline is necessary to follow the schedule for production, promotion and marketing of the conference.

Questions should be directed to FMI’s Adell Cokley at and GMA’s Elise Fennig at We look forward to receiving a Collaborating for Growth Conference presentation proposal from you soon.

Click here to submit your proposal.