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Monday, October 7

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Collaborating for Growth Conference

3:00 – 3:15 pm Opening Remarks 

3:15 – 4:15 pm General Session 
Delighting Shoppers and Winning Together in an Omni-Channel Environment 

The retail landscape is rapidly changing.  Consumer demographics are diverging, shoppers are more savvy, informed and connected, and the marketplace has transformed into a dynamic Omni-Channel Environment. Shoppers can shop anywhere, anytime and anyplace. These evolving shopper expectations provide both challenges and opportunities for retailers and their suppliers. This session will focus on the collaboration processes required to enable a seamless shopping experience through a ‘One Retail’ approach to win together in an Omni-channel world.

Henry Karamanoukian, Vice President, Customer Business Development, North America, The Procter & Gamble Company

4:30 – 5:15 pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Merchandising and Trade Planning in an Omni-Channel World: IBM Research
To compete in an omni-channel landscape, retailers and CPG manufacturers need a science-based, consumer-centric approach to merchandising. Both retailers and CPG manufacturers are using analytics for greater results, balancing predictive analytics and experience, collaborating more within their organization and with each other and measuring the trade impact of their decisions. This session will reveal results from two new studies: IBM and Planet Retail’s Chief Merchant Study, and IBM and Kantar Retail’s Global CPG Research Study. These two pioneering studies will give insight into a modern approach to merchandizing that helps businesses better relate to consumers and each other.

Jon Busman, Product Marketing, DemandTec Consumer Products, IBM Enterprise Marketing Management

Game-Changing 'Virtually Vertical' Collaboration
The CPG industry is now facing competition from online retailers and other emerging channels striving for increasingly empowered consumers. In Virtually Vertical collaboration, a retailer and a manufacturer act as if they were about to merge, creating the efficiencies that come with vertical integration. This new perspective moves companies beyond mistrust to a new set of mutually beneficial business decisions. The benefits are profound. Companies have seen category growth of 5 to 15 percent, introductions of new products at a rate of up to 50 percent, and reductions in costs of 5 to 20 percent. However the path to achieving these benefits is not easy. In this session, Kearney will engage a panel of executives from across CPG and retail to discuss what can be learned from collaboration programs, and what distinguishes game-changers from their peer set.

Reggie Ecclissato, Vice President, Supply Chain, North America, Unilever
Sean Monahan, Vice President, A.T. Kearney
Joy Peters, Partner, A.T. Kearney
Philippe Lambotte, Former Vice President of Supply Chain, Kraft and Merck & Co.

The Next Generation of Supply Chain Collaboration: How CPG Leaders are Making it Happen
Many consumer products manufacturers and retailers have similar geographic networks throughout the United States, resulting in overlapping logistics infrastructures. This session will examine how supply chain collaboration is moving towards a new era of horizontal collaboration, where products across multiple peer manufacturers will share logistics capacity to create efficiencies through smarter, smaller and more frequent shipments. This panel discussion will bring together a group of CPG leaders that are making this type of collaboration a reality. The Clorox Company will explain the impetus for their collaboration journey and the process used to identify potential partners. Del Monte Foods and Colgate-Palmolive will also highlight the wins they’ve experienced through this innovative coordinated replenishment effort. 

Brad Blizzard, Director, U.S. Logistics, Colgate-Palmolive
Gene Evans, Strategic Project Manager, Supply Chain Partnerships, The Clorox Company
Roger Sechler, Director, Transportation, Del Monte Foods
Kevin Zweier, Principal, Transportation Practice, Chainalytics 

5:30 – 7:00 pm Welcome Reception
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Tuesday, October 8

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8 – 8:15 am General Session/ Opening Remarks

8:15 – 9:15 am General Session 
Ground Upstream Innovation in the Shopper
Shopper insights provide an unbiased view into the buying habits of shoppers across the entire store as well as the performance of new product launches. This massive collection of behavior data opens a window to “watch” decisions being made, what works for which consumers and why some products fail to resonate. Leveraging this asset is the game changer that could save both retailers and manufacturers millions of dollars in new product development while delivering significant resource efficiency. This presentation will discuss the future of upstream innovation in which brands and retailers collaborate around the shopper and the data to identify, plan and optimize national launches in a relevant, personalized way.

Haluk Nural, Senior Vice President, Manufacturer Practice, dunnhumby USA

9:15 – 10:15 am General Session 
Convergence of the Digital and Physical Worlds 
Dramatic change has occurred across the consumer value chain since the creation of the first UPC code. There has been an explosion of new technologies and devices that are fundamentally changing how retailers and manufacturers operate.  Succeeding in the future will require a much higher degree of collaboration and integration across the core functions of marketing and merchandising, IT and supply chain.  Yet cross-functional collaboration is only part of the challenge.  Winning going forward will take both cross functional and cross-company (retailer and manufacturer) collaboration. Those who master the convergence of the physical and digital worlds will become the market leaders. We all need to open our minds to the ways each of us can leverage these new technologies.  John will share examples from PepsiCo and across the industry on how these trends are transforming every aspect of our daily lives.

John S. Phillips, Senior Vice President, Customer Supply Chain and Global GTM, PepsiCo

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11 – 11:45 am Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Mobile Savvy Shoppers: Understanding Desires and Expectations for an Evolved Mobile Commerce Experience
As more and more Americans gain access to smartphones, shopping on mobile devices is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. While 75% of mobile users use their mobile devices for shopping, only 19% of U.S. retailers have a mCommerce app. During this presentation, Catalina will present their ground-breaking research on the consumer's perspective on the use of mobile apps in the food/drug/mass channels. In this session, you will gain insight into the consumers' needs and expectations of mobile shopping app features including lists, offers, mPayments, and in-store merchandising, such as pre-ordering and recipes. 

Courtney Acuff, Vice President, Mobile Consumer Activation and Product Research, Catalina

Retail 2020 Challenges: Collaborating for Growth through Supply Chain Efficiencies
This session will bring insights from the PwC and Kantar Retail study, Retail 2020, and help participants understand the relationship between the increased expectations of your consumers, your supply chain and collaboration with your trading partners. As consumer demographics and income brackets continue to change through the next 5-7 years, and digital connectivity continues to proliferate, both retailers and suppliers will compete for the digitally empowered consumer. This will drive business beyond traditional collaborative efforts of the past. Retail 2020 gives you an exciting first look into the next generation of collaboration, and will lend you a competitive advantage in years to come. 

Jeff Holmes, Managing Director, Retail and Consumer, PwC

Start Big Go Small: How CPG and Retail Companies are Embracing Incubator Start-ups to Orchestrate Consumer Relationships in the Digital Era 
CPG and retail companies are embracing innovation and technology to drive growth and connect with consumers at a whole new level. To drive digital innovation both CPG and retail companies are engaging or developing their own start-up organizations to come up with the next big marketing innovation. These companies are shifting capital from building stores to building apps. Retailers have built innovation labs that are agile in nature and drive consumer growth through the digital channels. With these emerging technologies there is more opportunity for growth than ever before. This session will give you new ideas on how to form new consumer relationships in this increasingly digital age.

Dennis Belcastro, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Industry Collaboration, The Hillshire Brands Company
Rick Brindle, Vice President, Industry Development, Mondelēz Global LLC
Pat Novosel, Partner, EY

Turning Your Merchandising Strategy Upside Down
Retailers and manufacturers are often locked into a legacy approach to merchandising, and need to break out.  The undesirable impact of “silos” and unintentional-misaligned goals between functions within an organization hinder the opportunity to maximize true enterprise value. Further complicating this is the conventional lack of alignment of goals between a manufacturer and a retailer.  In this session, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of common constraints in play relative to merchandising that prevent maximizing enterprise value; identify new ideas and key learnings that can stimulate a new approach to merchandising strategy; and walk away with specific tasks that can be taken immediately to address the question “What now?” and facilitate action in their organization.   

Todd Mitchell, President, CROSSMARK 

11:45 am – 1 pm Lunch

1 – 1:45 pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Exploring the Drivers of Change Over the Next 5 Years
In recent years, The Kellogg Company has decided that the work they do should center on the reality that the industry doesn’t have an “answer problem," it has a “questions problem.” With that in the mind, Kellogg has initiated projects to focus on an important question related to the Future of Breakfast and Snacking. The company has focused on the final outcomes of these changes, the groups of shoppers that will define the change and the 7 drivers or motivators of that shift. The conclusions Kellogg reached inside of this framework are driving a new level of clarity in the analytical leadership the company is providing customers. This session will speak to the 7 primary drivers of change identified by Kellogg's groundbreaking work, and educate participants on how to address them most effectively over the next 5 years.

Spencer Baird, Vice President, U.S. Category Marketing, The Kellogg Company

Achieving High Performance in Direct Store Delivery: Next Generation Growth Collaboration
In today’s rapidly changing environment, many companies are actively evaluating their route to market strategies including both cost as well as the sales being generated.  Consumer buying behaviors have evolved, and in some categories sales have plunged. Today fuel prices have skyrocketed and competition has surged, leading to the need for the most efficient and effective DSD operation possible. This presentation will introduce a method to assess your delivery needs and costs, and how to work with trading partners in new, more collaborative and flexible ways to optimize costs and drive revenue growth throughout the value chain.  Accenture, along with an impressive CPG/Retail industry panel, will share their perspective in this exciting presentation. 

Luis Andrade, Vice President, Field Operations, Nestlé
Brian King, Chief Strategy Officer, Acosta 
David Lambert, Managing Director, Accenture

Growth Opportunities in the New American Reality 
Today's consumers reflect the multicultural nation we live in and shape the fastest growing consumer demographic: U.S. Hispanics. Are you effectively tapping into this critical segment or is it time to readdress your customer engagement strategy?  In this session, you will learn how manufacturers and retailers are charting a new course and winning with U.S. Hispanics.  Hear insights from Nielsen on how they equip today's retailers and CPG marketers with consumer-focused tools that reflect today's marketplace.  Joining them will be the voice of this consumer, Univision Communications.  Listen and learn about how to prepare to meet the needs of this new consumer demographic.  Will your brand thrive?  Join us to learn more.

Juan Carlos Dávila, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hispanic Market Center of Excellence, Nielsen
Reny Díaz, Director of Client Engagement, Nielsen
Liz Sanderson, Vice President, Strategy and Insights, Univision

2 – 3 pm General Session
Innovating Growth in Challenging Times
Recent research suggest four significant factors will drive grocery retailing in the next ten years. A growing imbalance in capacity and demand, the growth of ethnic markets, marketing and merchandising as enablers of innovation, and technology as the game changer are at the core of an industry in transformation.  A panel of industry leading executives, from both retail and CPG manufacturers, will discuss the realities of growth in an increasingly challenging multi-dimensional retail environment.  They will attempt to answer the fundamental question of “how to win with complexity?”  The panel will be moderated by Thom Blischok, Chief Retail Strategist at Booz & Company, the firm who led the foundational research for the Trends 2025 project alongside Catalina, CROSSMARK and Nielsen.

Thom Blischok, Chief Retail Strategist, Booz & Company
Tom Corley, Executive Vice President and President, U.S. Sales, Kraft Foods Group
Roxanne Flanagan,Vice President, Operations and Community Management, The Walgreen Company
Tom Furphy, CEO, Managing Director, Consumer Equity Partners, Formerly Vice President, Consumables and AmazonFresh,

3 – 3:45 pm Networking Break

3:45  4:30 pm General Session
Benchmarking Collaboration as a Driver of Growth
The session deals with benchmarking collaboration from a 360 perspective between retailers and manufacturers, and how this is used to drive growth for both parties. Advantage will speak to how collaboration between retailers and manufacturers is benchmarked and what recent research indicates in terms of the correlation between Advantage Report scores and growth. Advantage will also speak to recent industry trends and perspectives for the US market.  Barron Witherspoon will speak to how P&G uses Advantage Report to drive growth through better collaboration.

Gary Halloran, CEO, The Advantage Group International, Inc.
Barron Witherspoon, Vice President, Industry Affairs, The Procter & Gamble Company

4:30 – 5:30 pm General Session 
Digital Engagement: Shoppers are Ready for What We Aren’t Delivering 
Shoppers are ready for digital. Their experiences in other industries  are teaching them that digital media applied to purchasing makes shopping experiences faster, better, and smarter. Safeway Executive Mir Aamir, president of CRM and the “Just for You Program,”  and Inmar executive John Ross, head of analytics for the world’s largest paper and digital promotions clearinghouse see the data and believe that it is time for the food, beverage and consumer product industry to go digital. One in five shoppers use digital offers on the retailer’s website or sent to them via email, and of the shoppers who used these digital sources more than half reported that it was highly influential on purchase. This presentation will take a strategic look at 1) how shopper expectations are changing, 2) what it takes to earn shopper loyalty and 3) the opportunities being created for those who can respond to these critical dynamics and deploy the technology necessary to bring services in line with needs.

Mir Aamir, President of Customer Loyalty and Digital Technologies, Safeway, Inc.
John Ross, Executive Vice President, Inmar and President, Inmar Analytics, Inmar, Inc.

5:30 – 6:30 pm Evening Reception

Wednesday, October 9

7:15 – 8:15 am Continental Breakfast

8:15 – 9 am Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Growth Opportunities Unlocked by Digital In-Store Engagement Technologies and Big Data 
In-store shopper-enabling technologies are multiplying the opportunities for joint retailer-CPG manufacturer efforts to engage customers. These technologies can significantly improve both the category growth sought by retailers and brand preference sought by manufacturers. While mobility is one driver of shopper engagement and shopper insights, it needs to be supplemented by in-store technologies that offer both interactivity and monitoring. The challenge posed by many of these technologies is the infrastructure investments required, which could be better enabled by support from both parties. The many existing and emerging forms of digital in-store engagement could represent the next frontier for high-ROI-generating endeavors for retailers and manufacturers to focus their collaboration, joint investment, and data sharing agreements. Once in place, these technologies will provide a new wave of “Big Data” that will inform shopper, category, and brand insights that can unlock top and bottom line growth opportunities. 

Robert Goodpaster, Vice President, Global Strategy and Integrated Business Intelligence, The Hershey Company
Marcus Shingles, Principal, Deloitte Consulting

Building a Human Face Through Private Label
Private label has become an integral part of a retailer’s brand portfolio and its communication to consumers. Grocery retailers are increasingly seeking to inject personality into their private label ranges. So what does the evolution of private label look like in the U.S., and what does this mean for both retailers and their branded suppliers? Global food and consumer goods experts IGD will draw on international best-practice examples, demonstrating the forces that are driving private label growth, and how retailers are building their signature brands. What’s more, IGD will share some of the strategies which branded manufacturers are adopting against this backdrop of private label evolution.   

Stewart Samuel, Program Director, IGD Canada 

Driving Success at the Store Shelf
Sherrie Rosenblatt, vice president of marketing and communications at Can Manufacturers Institute, along with brand partner Evan Lunde, Head of Marketing for Carnation® Milks and Libby’s® Pumpkin at Nestlé and agency partner Doug Adams at Prime Consulting Group, will share the consumer insights and marketing strategies behind the fully integrated, multi-year Cans Get You Cooking campaign, which launched nationwide in February 2013. The campaign has brought brands and retailers together in new and exciting ways to drive center store sales and canned food success. Cans Get You Cooking builds on the insights from numerous industry and consumer research studies, which reveal consumers’ strong positive associations with canned food, and its effect on a retailer’s bottom line. 

Doug Adams, Partner, Prime Consulting Group

Evan Lunde, Head of Marketing, Carnation® Milks and Libby’s® Pumpkin, Nestlé
Sherrie Rosenblatt, Vice President, Marketing, Can Manufacturers Institute
Sponsored by Can Manufacturers Institute

9:15 – 10:15 am General Session 
Growth Against All Odds
Across all industries, growth is imperative. However, companies often pursue quick-fix solutions that can destroy long-term value. The Boston Consulting Group analyzed 1600 companies in a search to identify and learn from "breakout growers" – companies that demonstrate sustained, peer-beating growth. Through this analysis we have identified key lessons that should guide strategic decision-making about growth, ranging from margin strategy, to exploration of adjacencies to M and A. In this session, Kermit King, BCG's Global Topic Leader for Growth, will share these critical lessons and profile the most effective paths to growth that are relevant for both manufacturers and retailers. Joined by Senior Executives from a leading FMCG manufacturer and a leading retailer, these industry leaders will engage in an invigorating panel discussion that will share new insights on growth strategies and how they can be applied to the broader conference theme of collaboration.

Salman Amin, Chief Operating Officer, North America, S.C. Johnson & Sons, Inc.
Jeff Gell, Senior Partner and Marketing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

Lorna Davis, Senior Vice President, Global Category Leader Biscuits, Mondelēz International
Kermit King, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

10:15 – 11:15 am General Session
Embedding a Growth Culture: Building the Institutional Capabilities to Achieve Sustainable Organic Growth
Achieving sustainable organic growth requires more than just new ideas and efficient execution. Growth exemplars embed a set of ‘institutional’ capabilities and a growth culture that permeates the wiring of the whole organization. Manufacturers and retailers have a shared ambition to drive organic growth and multiple ways to work together to strengthen their organizational capabilities. Our coverage of this topic will bring together perspectives from a leading retailer, a leading manufacturer and from our own consulting work in CPG and across other businesses with practices that can be leveraged in CPG.

Brian Burwell, Director, Marakon
Peter Hall, Regional Marketing Director, Heineken Americas
David Wild, Senior Independent Director, Premier Foods; Former CEO Halfords, and Former Senior Executive, Wal-Mart and Tesco
Lauren Yarbrough, Principal, Marakon

11:15 - 11:30 am Closing Remarks

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