Efficient and Effective Product Recall Management (June 2014)

Efficient and Effective Product Recall Management

Product recalls are a disruptive event for CPG manufacturers and their retail partners. Brand owners and retailers alike must protect the safety of consumers and the integrity of brands by communicating recalls quickly and removing recalled product from the supply chain to avoid potentially dangerous product from being consumed or utilized by consumers. 

While retailers may manage one or more recalls per day, the typical manufacturer may execute a recall only once per year.  Some companies may never have to conduct a recall.  But every CPG company should have plans in place and be familiar with the basic steps that must be taken to quickly and effectively execute a product recall – including quick and efficient communication with retail customers using the Rapid Recall Exchange® (RRE) web tool, powered by GS1 US.  

Presented in conjunction with Inmar and GS1 US, the GMA Efficient and Effective Product Recall Management course is intended to prepare regulatory, safety and quality assurance professionals in the food and CPG industry for managing a recall, from system components, the decision to recall, obligations to federal and state agencies, notifying customers, product handling and disposition, and more.

Training will be focused on the end-to-end recall management process, starting with a review of the critical components of recall preparedness and flowing through to notification using Rapid Recall Exchange®, compliance reporting and reverse logistics. The training will then break into two “tracks:” one for QA/food safety/regulatory personnel, the other for individuals responsible for communicating and coordinating the recall process with retail partners.  

Track 1 (QA/Food Safety/Regulatory) will be run by GMA science and regulatory affairs/Science & Education Foundation staff and will take a closer look at preparing for the decision to execute a recall, defining the scope of the recall event and planning the recall strategy, replicating the individual services GMA provides today.  Today, GMA provides “help desk” services to advise our members how to manage the decision making process and recall communication with FDA and USDA.  A live training session should enhance the learning experience and provide peer-to-peer case study discussion.

Track 2 (Commercial/Communications) will be run by GMA and GS1 US staff and will focus on the supply chain recall notification process utilizing Rapid Recall Exchange®. In this track, participants will participate in a mock recall using Rapid Recall Exchange®, with the opportunity to see information exchanged from multiple viewpoints. This track will focus on the capabilities of the Rapid Recall Exchange and ensuring users are “RRE Ready” before a live recall event.

The GMA board of directors recommends that GMA Efficient & Effective Product Recall Management Training be included as part of on-boarding for individuals in your company serving in roles that touch the recall process, and that individuals with this responsibility participate annually to be refreshed on the latest practices and RRE functionality.  

A GMA Efficient & Effective Product Recall Management Training certificate will be awarded to all individuals who complete the training.

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Wednesday, June 4
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
The Hillshire Brands Company Headquarters
400 South Jefferson Street
Chicago, IL  60607

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