Executive Conference 2012

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Welcome to the GMA Executive Conference

GMA is proud to be hosting what promises to be another inspiring event that will bring together the best minds in the industry to share ideas, foster new relationships and stimulate new thinking.


Please find below some helpful information for planning your trip and how to get the most out of the events on-site.




Each attendee name badge will contain a barcode verifying their registration for the Executive Conference. For security reasons, GMA asks that you kindly let the staff scan your badge at the door of each session you choose to attend. This will help ensure that only registrants of the conference have access to the sessions and attendees. If you have any concerns, please email Logan Kastner at lkastner@gmaonline.org.



Browse sessions, view a map, or follow us on Twitter all from your own phone by downloading the Executive Conference app. Click here to download the app now or copy the following link into your browser: http://m.core-apps.com/gma_ec12


Username: <your email>
Password: Microsoft (password is case sensitive)



Business casual attire is appropriate for daytime wear and the welcome reception on Saturday. Dress for Sunday evening events is business attire – coat and tie for men and pants suit, dress or cocktail attire for women. Dress for Monday evening events is resort casual.



Chairman’s Dinner
Please pick up your assigned seating arrangements for the Chairman’s Dinner during the Chairman’s Reception.


President’s Dinner
Upon your arrival at The Broadmoor, please sign up for a seat or table for the President’s Dinner. If you want to be seated with specific guests, we respectfully ask that you invite and confirm these arrangements in advance with your proposed table mates. Once you have confirmed acceptance of your invitation, please bring the names to the dinner sign-up desk in Broadmoor Hall. A table will be assigned to those not reserving a full or partial table of 10.



Conference Contacts

General Conference Information
Elizabeth Cookson

Evie Kasper

Golf and Tennis Tournaments
Jamie Cowling


Jackie Piper

Speaker Information
Debbie DeJacques

Jonathan Downey