Food Safety Culture for Senior Leaders

Food Safety Culture for Senior Leaders Course


Every food industry conference in 2015 had a workshop or a panel discussion on Food Safety Culture! This is an opportunity to stop talking and begin implementing food safety while changing the culture of your organization. This course is a hands-on program designed to deliver change in your organization using expert knowledge and blended learning techniques. Join the GMA Science and Education Foundation for an intensive comprehensive course to improve the food safety behavior and outcomes in your organization. 

What is the 'Food Safety Culture for Senior Leaders' course? The objective of the course is to introduce senior leaders to food safety culture. Specifically, to actions and behaviors relevant to their individual functions as required to build and maintain an effective food safety culture. Food safety culture will be described and discussed through the WHO Risk Analysis model both by participants individually in-office and through group discussions during the in-person workshop and follow up coaching sessions. 

Target Audience: Are you a senior leader in finance, manufacturing, supply chain management, human resources or food safety?  Do you have strategic and budget responsibilities in your role? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course is for you! 

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

  • Connect effectiveness, organizational culture, food safety management systems and the bottom line

  • Relate food safety risks and activities to individual functions and roles

  • Identify and clarify questions and problems associated with food safety culture

Course Design: The course is designed for the adult learner and consists of three independent parts as shown below (moderate time commitment).

  1. E- Learning: available April 4th, Online Learning, 30 minutes, self paced 
  2. In-person Training: April 18th, Washington D.C, 9 hours at location

  3. Virtual Learning: 3 sessions - May 1st, May 15th and June 1st, 2 to 4 hours virtual coaching and mentoring


Early Bird Prices:

GMA Member/SEF Donor Rate - $1,500

Non-GMA Member Rate - $1,700

After March 23rd, 2016

GMA Member/SEF Donor Rate - $1,700

Non-GMA Member Rate - $1,900



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