FSMA Inspections Webinar: Get Ready Now or Get Cited Later

FSMA Inspections: Get Ready Now or Get Cited Later

There's a new inspection paradigm in town...

Come Fall 2016, FDA inspections of your facilities are going to be dramatically different.  You may only have one year to prepare your operations or face FDA enforcement actions and other repercussions.  Helping you effectively and efficiently implement FSMA within your company is a top GMA priority.  Act now to prepare for the new generation of FDA inspections!

In this engaging, 90-minute webinar, we will review the latest information regarding FDA's FSMA implementation plans, explain the consequences for non-compliance and how to mitigate those consequences should they arise.  You will learn how inspections will change and where you should direct your FSMA preparation efforts.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Describe the next generation of FDA inspections.
  • Define and respond to the consequences for non-compliance.
  • Better target preparation efforts within your organization.


Contact Information

Tonnetta Brown
Coordinator, Science Policy
(202) 637-4806