Food Labeling Workshop


Regina Hildwine, Senior Director, Science Policy, Labeling and Standards is the GMA liaison between the industry and government agencies on food labeling technical and policy subjects. Ms. Hildwine joined GMA in 1982. She answers numerous questions from GMA members about labeling regulations, and many in the food industry consider her a point source of information on food labeling rules. In the international arena, Ms. Hildwine has participated on the U.S. delegations to three Codex Alimentarius committees, and has participated for nearly twenty years on the Codex Committee on Food Labeling.

Ms. Hildwine is a Phi Beta Kappa, cum laude graduate of Trinity University, Washington, DC, and holds a MS from the University of Maryland, with further graduate study at Princeton University.

Christie Gray, Manager, Science Policy, Labeling and Standards assists GMA members with questions regarding food labeling and assists them in meeting all of the standards for FDA and USDA regulated foods. Ms. Gray has been with GMA since 2005.

Ms. Gray received her B.S. in human nutrition from Virginia Tech and her MS in food science and technology from the University of Georgia.

Sarah Levy, MPH, RD, Analyst, Science Policy, Nutrition and Health, joined the Grocery Manufacturers Association in March 2010. As a registered dietitian, she advocates for the implementation of science-based food and nutrition policies on behalf of the food and beverage manufacturing industries. Before GMA, Ms. Levy held various research positions in the fields of public health and nutrition while completing her graduate degree, and is today an active member of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area Dietetic Association.