Food Labeling Workshop: May 2015

Food Labeling Workshop:
Complying with Regulatory Requirements
for the Labeling of Packaged Foods

May 12-14, 2015

We have redesigned our food labeling workshop!  Through this comprehensive two-and-a-half-day workshop participants will gain insights on the fundamentals of labeling throughout the product life cycle - from product conception to product launch.  This curriculum will use the product development process as a backdrop to demonstrate the sequence of regulatory procedures and the application of labeling concepts.  With our new format, this hands-on, interactive workshop will equip participants with resources, tips, and techniques for the labeling of food and beverage products regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and meat and poultry products regulated by the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

Our workshop is ideal for the beginner wanting to learn labeling basics and those already familiar with the subject matter wanting to refresh their skills or enhance their knowledge.  GMA's staff experts in food labeling and nutrition will teach participants the food labeling skills they need, whether they are responsible for labeling compliance, food product marketing or product development.

The workshop goes beyond the theoretical and uses actual labels, packages and case studies to explain and illustrate key concepts.

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    The workshop goes beyond the theoretical and uses actual labels, packages and case studies to explain and illustrate key points.

    At the conclusion of the workshop participants will have the knowledge and skills to:

    • Identify statutory authorities and rules governing all required label elements
    • Describe required label elements for FDA and USDA products
    • Determine when to apply special labeling provisions (i.e. Country of Origin Labeling, labeling exemptions, etc.)
    • Identify criteria for making product quality claims, nutrition claims, and label statements that promote product safety, health and/or wellness
    • Apply labeling concepts to develop and evaluate critical elements of a product label
    • Demonstrate compliance with labeling regulations throughout the product lifecycle - from conception to launch
    • Prepare your organization with the latest developments on food labeling rules

    Space is limited for this popular workshop, which historically sells out.
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  • Who Should Attend?

    Individuals involved in:

    • Food label development
    • Food labeling compliance
    • Food marketing
    • Nutrition
    • Product development—labeling
    • QA/QC—labeling
    • General counsel - labeling and advertising review
    • Regulatory affairs


  • Prerequisite Webinar

    We have prepared a foundational webinar as a mandatory prerequisite to attending the Food Labeling Workshop.  All registered attendees will be required to view the webinar prior to participating in the workshop.  This webinar is included in your registration fee.

    Registrants - Click here or select "Meeting Documents" on the right-hand navigation menu to view the webinar.


Contact Information:

Tonnetta Brown
Coordinator, Science Policy
(202) 637-4806