Culture of Food Safety

How to Strengthen Your Culture of Food Safety with GFSI's New Guidance Document

The GMA Science and Education Foundation and Cultivate have partnered to offer a FREE webinar on strengthening food safety culture using GFSI's new guidance document.

According to the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) new guidance document, a strong food safety culture depends on five key dimensions: Vision and Mission, People, Consistency, Adaptability, and Hazards and Risk Awareness. Does your food safety culture leverage all of these critical components?

Join members of the GFSI’s Technical Working Group to discuss the key dimensions found in the Culture of Food Safety position paper – the most downloaded document found on GFSI’s website. Analyze your company’s progress and learn practical and proven strategies for building a successful food safety culture - no matter where you are in developing your food safety culture.

By the end of the webinar, attendees should:

  • Understand GFSI’s embarkment and journey in creating the position paper on “A Culture of Food Safety”
  • Breakdown the position paper to learn how this practical document can help you better understand your culture of food safety
  • Learn the tools and strategies that can be applied to the GFSI dimensions to systematically and sustainably mature your culture
  • Hear how Land O'Lakes, one of the world’s largest food service companies is leveraging the five dimensions and a strategic audit approach to influence their food safety culture

Access the recording of the webinar at this link




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