Foodborne Illness Litigation Conference

While the United States enjoys one of the safest, most secure food supplies in the world, recent high-profile outbreaks, recalls and illnesses resulting from contaminated food products have brought the food industry and foodborne illness litigation to the forefront of the public conscience.  

The GMA Foodborne Illness Litigation Conference will explore a broad range of topics related to litigation stemming from foodborne illnesses, both as a result of product recalls and isolated incidents. Attendees will learn how these issues can be addressed by the entire value chain, from manufacturer to distributor to retailer, as well as by legal counsel within the industry.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Deconstructing Junk Science
  • Selecting Experts for Foodborne Illness Litigation
  • The 2010 Egg Recall:  A Case Study
  • The Food Safety Modernization Act: What Counsel Need to Know
  • The Evolution of Mass Torts: The Toyota Experience and What It Means for the Food Industry
  • Managing Foodborne Illness Recalls

The broad scope of the conference program makes it a can’t-miss event for:

-In-House Counsel
-Corporate Claims Representatives
-Corporate Quality Control Experts
-Casualty Claims Adjusters
-Insurance and Risk Managers
-Litigation Management Experts

-Litigation Support Specialists
-Defense Attorneys
-Others Involved in Litigation Management


MCLE Credit

Many states will approve the GMA Foodborne Illness Litigation Conference for MCLE credits. Certificates of attendance will be provided to each registered attendee upon conclusion of the conference.

Conference Contacts

For more details about the conference program please contact Steve Leslie at or 202.639.5950.

For registration and lodging assistance, please contact Debbie DeJacques at or 202.639.5904.

For sponsorship information, please contact Jonathan Downey at or 202.295.3945.