2017 GMA Leadership Forum at The Greenbrier

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  • Thursday, September 7

    7:00am – 5:00pm

    Conference Registration and Dinner Desk

    12:00pm – 2:00pm

    GMA Industry Affairs Council Meeting (By Invitation Only)

    12:00pm – 5:00pm

    GMA Partner Power Connect Program
    Returning in 2017 due to its continued success, GMA member companies have the chance to meet one-on-one with some of the industry’s leading service and solution providers during a 45-minute exchange session. This is a phenomenal opportunity for both participants to understand respective goals and resources to better align capabilities with innovation. 

    Participating companies include:


    •  Accenture
    •  Label Insight

    Acosta Sales & Marketing 
    •  Ecolab
    •  Microsoft
    •  Perceptyx

    Advantage Group
    Myrtle Consulting
    • Sonoco Products

    United Technologies


    To secure your appointments with these companies, please contact Andrew Coffey at acoffey@gmaonline.org and let him know that your organization would like to participate in the Partner Power Connect sessions.

    12:45pm – 2:45pm

    GMA Finance and Audit Committee Meeting (By Invitation Only)

    2:00pm – 5:30pm

    GMA Sales Committee (By Invitation Only)

    3:15pm – 5:00pm

    GMA Executive Committee Meeting (By Invitation Only)

  • Friday, September 8

    7:00am – 5:00pm

    Conference Registration and Dinner Desk

    7:30am – 10:15am
    7:30am – 8:30am
    7:30am – 8:30am
    8:45 am – 10:15am

    Board of Directors Meeting: Food and Beverage Issues & Health and Wellbeing
    Board of Directors Meeting: Personal Care and Household Products Issues
    Board of Directors Meeting

    8:00am – 4:00pm

    GMA Partner Power Connect Program

    8:30am – 12:00pm

    GMA Emerging Leaders Program (By Invitation Only)

    9:00am – 1:30pm

    GMA Chief Financial Officers Committee Meeting (By Invitation Only)

    10:30am – 12:00pm

    Trading Partner Alliance (TPA) Meeting (By Invitation Only)

    10:00am – 4:00pm

    GMA Information Systems Committee Meeting (By Invitation Only)

    12:00pm – 2:00pm

    GMA Advisory Council Meeting (By Invitation Only)

    12:15pm – 3:45pm 

    GMA CEO Leadership Forum & Lunch (By Invitation Only)

    2:00pm – 6:00pm

    GMA Marketplace Forum
    Several retailers and channels of distribution will have the opportunity to share their strategies and collaboration opportunities with attendees in an intimate setting.
    (This session is closed to the media/press.)


    Peapod LLC
    An Ahold Delhaize company, Peapod is the country’s leading Internet grocer, serving 24 U.S. markets throughout the U.S.  Founded in 1989 as a smart shopping option for busy households, today Peapod has delivered more than 40 million grocery orders. Come hear Linda Crowder, Senior Director of Peapod Interactive, and Cher Zeller, Head of Peapod Partnerships, share their perspective on Peapod's key learnings on establishing a successful on line grocery business, what is happening in the online market today, how consumers are transitioning their shopping behaviors and what they see as the key drivers for future growth in the on line industry.

    Linda Crowder, Senior Director-Peapod Interactive, Peapod LLC
    Cher Zeller, Head of Peapod Partnership, Peapod LLC


    Perspectives on consumer and marketplace trends from Walmart and Grocery Retail
    With over 11,000 worldwide locations, Walmart continues to be a leader in growth, sustainability, corporate philanthropy, and employment opportunity.  Please come hear Shawn Baldwin, SVP – Global Food Sourcing, Produce and Floral at Walmart US, talk about serving customers in a dynamic retail environment, staying ahead of marketplace change and disruption, and the future of shopping.  Shawn will share his perspective on how manufacturers can partner with Walmart to find solutions that drive joint value creation.  

    Creighton Schenkel will also provide perspectives on consumer trends and opportunities for suppliers from the grocery channel point of view.   Most recently, Creighton was SVP of Own Brands at Albertsons Companies.  Previously, he held the role of Group VP – Marketing Strategy for Albertsons, and prior to that was Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Safeway.

    Shawn Baldwin, Senior Vice President - GMM Produce/Floral, Global Food Sourcing, Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporated
    Creighton Schenkel, Experienced Retail Executive

    Taylor Smith, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group


    The Bailian Group
    Headquartered in Shanghai, Bailian Group is the leading retail conglomerate in China with multiple offline retail formats along with a well-established online presence. Serving close to a billion consumers with more than 4700 stores in more than 200 cities, they have an extensive nationwide footprint with department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other specialty stores. Please come listen to Ms. XU Ziying, CEO of the Bailian Group, share an introduction to their business and strategic objectives for imports as well as discuss the profound affluent consumer base they serve, their extensive store network, and how GMA members can collaborate on opportunities to start or expand their business in China.

    XU Ziying, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bailian Group Co., Ltd.


    Food Marketing Institute
    FMI’s President & CEO, Leslie Sarasin, along with Chief Collaboration Officer, Mark Baum will present original research and share insights from two landmark FMI studies. They will enlighten attendees by sharing the driving factors in today’s shopper decisions and purchases, and which trends are driving the changes in the relationship between consumers and the food and related products they are purchasing and consuming. They will also explain what it takes to win with today’s digitally connected consumers. They’ll illuminate the forces of change and the drivers of success with the digitally engaged food shopper, and the need for new models of trading partner collaboration in this rapidly changing and expanding environment.

    Mark Baum, Chief Collaboration Officer, Food Marketing Institute
    Leslie Sarasin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Food Marketing Institute

    6:00pm – 7:00pm

    Opening Reception
    Sponsored by: Slice Intelligence

    6:45pm – 9:00pm

    GMA CEO Leadership Forum & Emerging Leaders Dinner (By Invitation Only)

  • Saturday, September 9

    6:30am – 5:00pm

    Conference Registration

    7:00am – 1:00pm

    Dinner Desk

    7:45am – 9:30am 

    Breakfast & Keynote Signature Series and GMA Hall of Achievement Award Presentation
    Taking Your Best Shot at Growth in a World of Unprecented Change

    Featuring: David Stern
    Sponsored by: PwC
    David Stern served as the NBA commissioner for three decades. As commissioner, Stern built the model for professional sports in league operations, public service, global marketing, television distribution and digital technology. Drawing on examples garnered from his experience, Mr. Stern will discuss how the NBA responded to the challenges of globalization and digitalization to build a dynamic global brand.   

    9:45am – 10:45am

    Executive Leadership Tracks

    Navigating the Digital Divide
    Digital’s influence on in-store purchase behavior is growing much faster than anyone could have anticipated. Deloitte’s research shows that today, digital technologies influence 50 percent of all in-store grocery sales, up from 31 percent last year. Grocery is experiencing the fastest growing digital influence year-over-year across all consumer categories, from electronics to automobiles. Importantly, this digital influence isn’t “one size fits all” across the grocery store. Instead, our research shows significant variations in the digital moments that matter, in and out of the store, across the center store, frozen, and the perimeter. Despite this significant growth in digital influence, consumers are clamoring for even more digital innovation as their expectations for purchasing goods and services heightens from digital stalwarts such as Netflix, Uber and Amazon. CPG and grocery retailer must respond. We refer to this as the Digital Divide -- the gap between consumers’ digital behaviors and expectations and CPGs’ ability to deliver on these desired experiences. As this new digitally influenced reality begins to have a greater impact, we will leverage a panel of CPG executives to discuss shifts in the way they think, measure and invest, and we will share findings from our 2016 Digital Divide Grocery study and reveal the digital moments that matter across the entire path to purchase.

    Julie Bowerman, Vice President, Global eCommerce & Shopper Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company
    DeLu Jackson, Vice President of Precision Marketing, Conagra Brands, Inc.
    Shane Kingston, Global Commercial Performance Director, Diageo PLC

    Katie Dye, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP
    Jennifer Lacks Kaplan, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP


    The Evolution of Eating – A Generational Study
    This session provides a future view of food and beverage consumption based on the key generational groups. Find out how the eating attitudes and behaviors of key generations Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers is set to change as these groups age and move through life stages. This presentation reveals whether generational patterns will be similar to, or different from, those of previous generations. The study is based on a wealth of historical consumption data and advanced analytical methods to forecast the generational effects on a wide variety of food trends. The insights gained will enable food and beverage companies to identify the trends of the future and plan accordingly.

    David Portalatin, Vice President, Food Industry Analyst, The NPD Group


    Growth Through Innovation…Can Scale Be An Advantage?
    New trends, technologies and channels have radically changed the behavior of individuals, corporations, and entire societies, and disruption has become the new normal. The way businesses need to organize and behave has fundamentally shifted.  Across industries, companies and organizational functions, many of the world’s most innovative companies echo the same challenge – businesses must urgently embrace a more nimble and entrepreneurial approach in order to remain competitive. Consumer-driven models for driving growth are still new to many consumer product companies. During this interactive panel discussion, we explore key aspects of an entrepreneurial new world order, the requirements for how to leverage scale through innovation and insights on how to clear the toughest hurdles. Led by Mark Payne, our panel of innovators and disruptors will discuss their experiences and proven methods to drive Growth through Innovation.

    Annette Domnik, Chief Marketing Officer, Zarbee’s Naturals

    Craig Dubitsky, Founder, Hello Products
    Eric Graves, President of North American Commercial Operations, Elanco
    Joshua C. Sigel, Chief Operating Officer, Innit

    Mark Payne, President and Founder, Fahrenheit 212


    The Cyber Fusion Center Construct – An Intelligence-Driven Approach to Advanced Cyber Defense
    Cyberattacks have become a frequent and costly reality in today’s world with dynamic vulnerabilities and threats having increasingly destructive and complex impacts on business operations. Companies find themselves challenged to find a balanced investment approach to sustainable and effective security solutions as flat structures and traditional Security Operation Center (SOC) frameworks are ill-equipped to deal with an ever-evolving threat landscape. On top of this, more technology doesn’t necessarily equate to more visibility and cyber leaders find themselves pressured to make rapid changes without fully being informed of the return on their cyber investments. 

    In this session, CEOs, CIOs and CISOs alike will learn how to systematically mature their organization’s cyber programs from one historically based on Compliance and Regulations to a new intelligence-driven, threat-based capability called the Cyber Fusion Center (CFC). The Cyber Fusion Center construct provides industries with a multi-disciplined approach to resolving security problems by integrating together traditional functions such as threat intelligence, proactive hunting, vulnerability management and traditional incident response operations to holistically drive proactive defensive activities. Booz Allen will present how this scalable organizational framework allows for constant evaluation and testing of the entire program to facilitate learning and to keep pace with changing cyber threats while also providing a decision-making approach that allows leaders to be fully informed about cyber investments in their people, processes and technologies.

    Monica Brindza, Global Threat Management and Response, PepsiCo, Inc.

    Jason Escaravage, Vice President, Cyber-Predictive Intelligence, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
    Brad Maiorino, Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.


    11:00am – 12:00pm


    Executive Leadership Tracks

    Go-to-Market Shifts Required in a 1:1 Personalized Selling World
    Digitally-connected shopping has become the norm. As CPGs look to win in eCommerce, digital selling channels have proliferated and the ability to reach shoppers in targeted ways has exploded. In each new channel, there are opportunities for personalized selling and differentiation abound, creating new challenges and questions for CPG sales leaders and teams. How are retailers adapting their loyalty programs to take advantage of these opportunities? How will web search or media properties like Facebook change selling moments in-store? What are the implications for pricing and promotion with the transparency provided by browser add-ins like Honey, Wikibuy or Krazy Coupon Lady in the mix? In this panel discussion, we will bring together diverse perspectives and insights to help CPG sales leaders navigate this new world and define go-to- market models for the future.

    David Cortese, President, Digital Technology Solutions & Services, Advantage Solutions

    Eric Gorli, Vice President, Commercial Strategy, Keurig Green Mountain Inc.
    Kate Sayre, Global Head of Consumer Goods Strategy, Facebook

    David Moran, Co-Founder and Chairman, Eversight, Inc.


    LeaderShift 2020: How CEO Human Capital Strategies Drive Growth & Deliver Real Results
    What is the single common variable that determines which companies have the best business results, corporate culture, high performing teams, delivered innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction?
    The answer is capital, but not the kind you get from investors. What separates the best from the rest is Human Capital.
    In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, organizations that maintain the highest level of people performance succeed and win. What are the variables tied to universal people performance? Companies must increasingly leverage every resource to create and maintain a competitive advantage. People are the most difficult resource to harness, yet people are where organizations find their greatest gains in productivity, creativity and innovation. What role do individual leaders play, and how do the best-in-class harness people resources?
    Engagement, retention, productivity and customer service are self-explanatory, but what are the most important, game-changing competencies (leadership/personal skills) propelling the best leaders? How do you know who has what it takes, and how do you develop what's most important in your people?
    In today's climate of disruption and rapid change, what got you here, won’t get you there.

    Join us for this session and learn what Human Capital strategies serve as the foundation of success for our industry-leading CEOs, and what emerging competencies need to be mastered to succeed in the future. Your career and the success of your organization might depend on it.

    Michele Buck, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Hershey Company
    Kees Kruythoff, President, North America, Unilever
    Mark Smucker, Chief Executive Officer, The J.M. Smucker Company

    Joseph Hunt, Managing Partner & LeaderShift Architect, The Hunt Group, Inc.


    The Other Digital: Enabling Your People and Capabilities     
    Several years into the digital revolution, digital development at CPG companies has primarily revolved around the consumer's path to purchase. Most CPG companies have made plenty of progress developing capabilities for digital consumer engagement, and many have developed online sales capabilities. Too few, however, are exploiting the power of digital as the catalyst for enabling our strategic capabilities - and our people. This session will demonstrate how digital is the key ingredient to enable your organization to adopt transformational capabilities: create and market new products like a start-up; serve retail customers with automated category management tools; manage operations responses to demand fluctuations; or track orders and provide alerts like a shipping company. You have the technology - and required information in your enterprise applications. We will share examples of how well-designed digital applications will bring this power to your people - and improve the success of your capability initiatives.

    Tom Puthiyamadam, Principal and Global Digital Services Leader, PwC


    The Smarter Approach to Packaging: Using Data to Drive Down Costs and Reduce Damage
    As more consumer products companies have reduced their primary and secondary packaging content in pursuit of cost savings and in support of sustainability initiatives, the importance of testing new packaging configurations and setting and holding the correct standards on primary and secondary packaging has become more critical.

    For example, improper stretch wrapping is now the leading cause of load failures, leading to increased safety risks, high levels of damaged, unsaleable products and unnecessary stretch wrapping costs.

    This presentation will describe the method used by consumer products companies like Coca-Cola, Cott Beverage, Ice River Springs, Dole Foods, Georgia Pacific, Diamond Pet Food, Mars and Con Agra to set and hold the correct packaging standards and virtually eliminate damage.

    During this session, the speakers will present lab-tested results based on data collected across the industry that demonstrates how consumer products companies can reduce or even eliminate break, damage and loss; reduce the occurrence of workplace and retail safety issues; and dramatically reduce their consumption of packaging material.

    Attendees will leave this session with a blueprint to rapidly implement this groundbreaking solution in all of their own plants and throughout their supply chain. Allowing them to uncover supply chain efficiencies due to dramatic reductions in returns and rework.

    Wes Carter, President, Atlantic Packaging
    Wes Hobson, Fabrication Technology Leader, The Dow Chemical Company
    Greg Moore, Director Packaging Solutions, Georgia-Pacific LLC

    Ric Lee, MUST Method Stretch Program Director, Atlantic Packaging

    12:15pm – 1:15pm      

    Leadership Luncheon & Enactus Award Presentation
    Sponsored by:


    1:15pm – 2:15pm

    Keynote Signature Series & CPG Award Presentation

    Retail Unplugged: The View From a Step Away
    Simply stated – our industry is in more turmoil than we’ve ever seen. Both CPG manufacturers and retailers are increasingly concerned about where is the real growth? The disruptors of rapidly changing consumer and shopper behaviors, increasing consolidation at both retail and CPG, the growing impact of digital, and the need to radically alter current operating models, tell a story of both increasing complexity coupled with an opportunity rich competitive landscape.

    What are strategies and tactics of growth? What are the barriers that hinder the retail and manufacturer community’s ability to adjust to the new consumer and emerging disruptors? What are the realities of today’s collaboration model between trading partners? What happens when indispensable partners also become competitors? And ultimately, how can today’s traditional retail operating model be transformed to compete profitably in tomorrow’s digital world? 

    Unplugged, Unfiltered: This session and panel discussion will be comprised of three retail leaders who have recently stepped away from the business. They will address the challenges of growth in today’s increasingly complex retail landscape. A plain-speaking discussion surrounding what each trading partner needs to consider as go-forward growth strategies and capabilities are developed and implemented.

    Justin Dye, Former Chief Administration Officer, Albertsons Companies
    Robert A. Mariano, Former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Roundy’s, Inc.
    Gregory D. Wasson, Co-Founder & President, Wasson Enterprise and Former Chief Executive Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance

    Thomas J. Blischok, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Dialogic Group, LLC and Global Strategic Growth Advisor to Nielsen


    2:30pm – 3:30pm

    Executive Leadership Tracks

    Winning Back the Consumer with Agile, Personalized Marketing
    Marketing has traditionally been a core competency and value driver for CPG companies. However, CPGs are facing a significantly changed environment - and CPG marketing practices have not kept pace. Today, we live in a world where consumers show decreasing loyalty while demanding more personalized products and services, where traditional marketing approaches are easy to ignore, and where companies are pressuring teams to drive growth with zero-based budgets.

    This session will show how the new CPG marketing norm sees greater use of advanced and predictive analytics, more personalized messages delivered just in time, agile practices and structures, and expanded partnerships--- all of which enables greater growth.

    Justin De Graaf, Director of Data Strategy & Precision Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company
    David Moran, Co-Founder and Chairman, Eversight, Inc.
    Rodrigo Troni Pena, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.

    Jeff Jacobs, Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc.
    Audrey Manacek, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc.


    Putting the Customer First: A Connected Customer Enterprise to Drive Growth
    The consumer has more power than ever. CEOs are concerned about customer loyalty, driving profitable growth and staying attuned to rapidly changing customer needs. At the same time, new entrants and traditional channel partners are becoming potential threats. As a result, most businesses are choosing to compete on the basis of customer experience; however, these same companies are struggling to articulate and define the value proposition and business case to secure the investments to drive the business transformation required. In addition, when funds are secured, companies are challenged with aligning their front, middle and back office activities to support their overall customer value proposition.

    James L. Dinkins, Chief Retail Sales Officer, The Coca-Cola Company
    Eric Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, The Clorox Company

    Duncan Avis, Principal, KPMG LLP
    Julio Hernandez, Principal, KPMG LLP


    Owned Media: The Powerful Marketing Lever Your Business is Overlooking
    In a fragmented media landscape, marketers are continuing to ask themselves how they can make meaningful connections with their consumers at scale. Most are focused on how to make paid advertising, traditional or digital more precise without sacrificing return on investment, but there is one powerful channel that is frequently overlooked in their marketing plans and mix models...their own brand websites and apps. In the midst of a complex digital arena, apps and brand websites (sometimes called "Owned Media") hold a key to not only reaching but nurturing a relationship with your most loyal customers, with the added benefit of creating a powerful opportunity for partnership with retailers.

    In this presentaion, IRI along with General Mills, one of their key CPG partners, will share surprising findings on the effective of Owned Media at driving sales. They will share key learnings on how to set up your programs for success and then delve into the specifics of how one brand has harnessed the power of member data online and offline as a lever to drive sales and brand growth.

    Audra Carson, Head of Content Marketing & Media Platforms, General Mills
    Molly Hjelm, Omni-channel Media Director, IRI
    Jennifer Pelino, Senior Vice President, Omni-channel Media, IRI


    A New Legacy Emerging: Shifting with the Emerging Brand Landscape
    Emerging brands are now a leading catalyst for growth in many CPG product categories, reflecting the fast-changing attitudes, needs and preferences of today’s consumers. Catalina’s shopper intelligence has observed tremendous turnover among the Top 100 best-selling CPG brands in recent years. Many top brands have slower growth rates compared to the rest of the category. As a result, leading CPG manufacturers are increasingly acquiring successful emerging brands (e.g., General Mills/Annie’s, Campbell’s/Plum) to drive growth.

    This panel discussion will include insights from Catalina on the performance and approaches of emerging vs mature brands. The panel will also include executives from leading CPG manufacturers and emerging brand companies to explore how large manufacturers and acquired emerging companies can best ensure continued successful growth and innovation.

    Craig Dubitsky, Founder, Hello Products
    Drew Facer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Idahoan Foods, LLC
    Mike Senackerib, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Farm & Oven Snacks, Inc.
    Dawn Willoughby, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Clorox Company

    Todd Morris, President, Catalina U.S.


    3:45pm – 4:45pm

    Executive Leadership Tracks

    The Future of FMCG: What’s to Come and How to Compete
    For 50 years and more, multinational companies with broad brand portfolios have led the global market for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), generating steady revenue growth and creating strong shareholder value. Over the past five years, however, smaller companies and brands have begun to outpace the industry leaders, steadily consuming market share in more and more categories and regions. Large FMCG companies are feeling the impact: In the U.S., approximately $18 billion in industry sales shifted from large companies to smaller players in the four years to 2015.

    This presentation and panel will discuss this foundational shift in the FMCG industry, and the capabilities necessary to compete in this future -- areas where large CPG brands are advantaged and challenged, and opportunities for investment to build competitive advantage.

    Todd Lachman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sovos Brands
    Gina Boswell, Customer Development, North America, Unilever
    Lawrence Kurzius, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, McCormick & Company, Inc.

    Jim Brennan, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
    Umar Haider, Principal, The Boston Consulting Group


    Food Safety and Business Growth in Times of Water Scarcity: The Urgent Need to Produce More Safe Food with Fewer Resources
    Around the world, populations are growing and diets are changing. People need access to safe, healthy food. But the growing scarcity of our natural resources is making it more and more challenging to produce enough safe, quality food. By 2030, 74 percent of the world’s largest GDP countries will be facing high water stress. This means water will be most scarce in the places where companies are looking to invest and grow. Coupled with an increasingly global food supply chain, how will we meet the growing demand for food and keep it safe?

    As the world’s consumers increasingly eat their way up the middle class ladder complete with increasing portions of protein, the food supply chain has the challenging task of boosting productivity on a base of declining natural resources. It takes 420 gallons of water to produce a pound of rice, compared to 1,801 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef. With demand for water expected to exceed supply by 40 percent within two decades, many operations are under pressure to reduce their water usage. But water is an integral part of almost all food growing, processing, distribution and retail operations, and reducing water usage can adversely affect food safety. When water is reduced, many processes need to be adjusted to maintain food safety, quality and sanitation. 

    With companies striving to meet ever-changing consumer demands and grow their businesses, the pressure is even greater to produce more using less while keeping food safe. To do this, we need to understand the nexus of water and food throughout the production process, partner together across the value chain and leverage the tools and technology at our disposal all of which are essential to preserving water and producing safe, high-quality foods.

    Nick Alfano, Executive Vice President and General Manager Global Food and Beverage, Ecolab
    Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft
    Charles Iceland, Aqueduct Director, World Resource Institute
    Kevin Igli, Senior Vice President and Chief Environmental Officer, Tyson Foods

    Emilio Tenuta, Vice President, Sustainability, Ecolab


    The Future Retail Reality
    Three major channel disruptions will continue to transform the U.S. FMCG retail landscape over the next several years: the growth of e-commerce for food and beverage purchases, the expansion of discounters Aldi and Lidl into the U.S. market, and the growth of out-of- home dining including QSR. 

    The ability to adapt to this transformation can lead to success, but some segments have a clear advantage. During this session, we’ll discuss how some segments will adapt and change while others will need inspiration to capture – or maintain – their piece of the pie. As Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

    Louise Keely, Global Head of Retail, Nielsen
    Jay Nikolich, Divisional Vice President, eCommerce, Pharmavite LLC
    Jonathan Scherr, Head of Strategic Partnerships, CircleUp


    Digitizing & Optimizing your Trade Promotion Processes
    In today’s increasingly complex environment, Consumer Goods companies are facing numerous competitive challenges in both traditional retail and e-commerce channels.

    More than ever CG companies need to Digitize & Optimize their Trade Promotion process with the latest technologies such as Machine learning, AI, Cloud, RPA etc. to sustain their growth, grow profitable revenue and to achieve category leadership.

    Consumer buying behavior is rapidly changing through changes in technology, social media, and maturing e-commerce models. Companies need access to real-time analytics and insights which enable negotiation and collaboration with their partners & customers. This 30-minute session will present approaches to creating an enterprise eco-system using recently developed digital techniques to:

    Address key challenges faced by organizations as they evolve towards analytics driven trade spend management practices Build Optimization solutions that both predict and actually shape demand by harmonizing data signals from retailers and digitally enabled shoppers Implement a “best in class” Data strategy by enabling actionable insights Leverage existing investments in existing TPM solutions

    Robert Kaplan, Senior Business Solutions Manager – Americas Region, Wipro Promax Analytics Solutions, Wipro Ltd.

    6:00pm – 7:00pm

    Sunset Reception
    Sponsored by: Ecolab

    7:15pm – 9:30pm

    Industry Celebration & Concert
    Sponsored by: IRI

  • Sunday, September 10

    7:00am – 12:30pm

    Conference Registration

    8:00am – 8:45am

    Continental Breakfast

    8:45am – 9:45am

    GMA presents...CPG Chats

    SmartLabel: Delivering on Our Promise
    Julie Savoie has the latest on how the fast-growing SmartLabel™ transparency initiative delivers consumers easy access to more information that could ever fit on a package label. Her CPG Chat will include what information is easily available, how consumers can access the SmartLabel™ tool and the rapid addition of more and more products, brands and companies.

    "Right to Know!" - Advocating for National Scientific Standards Will Lead to Better Informed Consumers
    Consumers have a right to clear, accurate, meaningful ingredient information about products they buy. However, the CPG industry is facing multiple state and local policy proposals governing warning labels or ingredient listings requirements on a variety of common products. Mike Gruber talks about how GMA is working with policymakers to build upon the recent enactment of historic, science-based, policy reforms and will advance national labeling standards to protect interstate commerce and promote consumer transparency.  

    Preparing the Future CPG Workforce
    Significant advances have occurred in food safety regulations and processing technologies, yet food safety trainings too often follow traditional practices from decades ago. Weiyi Zhao of GMA’s Science and Education Foundation shares the foundation's strategy for developing new and innovative training, as well as exciting educational initiatives underway that focus on establishing lifelong awareness and practices to create better informed consumers and a more prepared workplace.

    10:30am – 12:15pm

    Keynote Signature Series
    Sponsored By: Accenture

    Join a diverse and distinguished panel of leading C-level executives in proactive discussion of industry imperatives and transformation.  The session will include a pragmatic, real-world discussion of how the panelists are addressing the industry’s critical strategic priorities and market disruptions.

    Michele Buck, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Hershey Company
    David Darragh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Reily Foods Company
    Benno Dorer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Clorox Company
    Paul Grimwood, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nestle USA, Inc.
    George Zoghbi, Chief Operating Officer, US Commercial Business, The Kraft Heinz Company

    Shiv Iyer, Managing Director, Accenture

    12:15pm – 1:30pm

    Networking Luncheon
    Sponsored By: United Technologies

    2:00pm – 6:00pm

    GMA Golf Tournament
    Featuring: PGA Pro Stuart Appleby
    Sponsored By: Digimarc Corporation

    2:00pm – 6:00pm

    GMA Tennis Tournament



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  • George W. Bush

    43rd President of the United States

    Sworn into office on January 20, 2001, President Bush served as Commander in Chief for two consecutive terms and before his presidency, he served for six years as Governor of the State of Texas. As President, George W. Bush worked to expand freedom, opportunity and security at home and abroad. Following the tragic September 11th terrorist attacks, he led the most dramatic reorganization of the federal government since the beginning of the Cold War, reforming the intelligence community and establishing new institutions like the Department of Homeland Security. His presidency also accomplished significant initiatives including the No Child Left Behind Act, global HIV/AIDS and malaria efforts, and the modernization of Medicare. President Bush is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Business School and the author of Decision Points and 41: A Portrait of My Father.  

  • David J. Stern

    Commissioner Emeritus
    National Basketball Association

    David Stern completed his 30-year tenure as NBA commissioner on February 1, 2014. 
    As commissioner, Mr. Stern built the model for professional sports in league operations, public service, global marketing, television distribution and digital technology.  He oversaw the NBA’s extraordinary growth with seven new franchises, a more than 30-fold increase in revenues, a dramatic expansion of national television exposure and the launch of two leagues, the Women’s National Basketball Association and the NBA Development League. Mr. Stern was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2014 and the International Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016. Currently, as CEO of DJS Global Advisors, Mr. Stern is a Senior Advisor to the NBA, PwC’s Entertainment and Media Advisory Practice, investment bank PJT Partners and New York venture capital firm Greycroft Partners.  

  • World Class Rockers

    In 1997, the WORLD CLASSIC ROCKERS combined the talents of several of the most prominent musicians, singers and songwriters whose work represented a number of smash, chart-topping hits from the some of the most legendary bands in the world. Celebrating their 20th Anniversary together in 2017, they have created their own legacy of high energy, fan-friendly, live ​performances that feature hit-after-recognizable hit.

    continue to make an unforgettable impression at corporate events, fairs, festivals and most importantly, at charitable events across America and throughout Europe, the Far East and Africa. Their countless efforts in support of those in need have raised millions of dollars for cancer research, underprivileged children, victims in need of disaster relief, and the support of USA’s military veterans just to name a few.