GMP's: Is Your Food Safety Foundation on Shaky Ground?

GMPs: Is Your Food Safety
Foundation on Shaky Ground?

Thursday, June 27, 2013  

1:30 - 2:30 pm (EST)

Large recalls... facility suspensions... brand image degradation - not in this plant! 

Investigations have revealed that recent recalls involving peanut products, cantaloupes, onions and mangoes were caused by breakdowns in each company’s foundational programs, not necessarily by violations of critical control points. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) are one of the most universal, essential foundation programs of any food manufacturing plant. 

Despite processors’ best efforts, GMP violations continue to plague food manufacturers and FDA reports continue to show repeated and numerous citations for GMP violations.  FDA’s proposed FSMA rule, Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls for Human Food, expands GMP requirements for the first time since 1986. Will these new mandates result in increased regulatory action for GMP violations? 

Think about your business, company and products and ask yourself:

  • Do we have established operating procedures? Are we following them?
  • Are our GMPs current, approved, practiced and followed?
  • Do our GMPs comply with current and future regulations?
  • Are there areas where we can learn from others and avoid common mistakes?

GMA subject matter experts have reviewed current GMP failures from FDA reports. These findings highlight where plants still have challenges and are sometimes falling just short of compliant. 

Join us on Thursday, June 27th to:

  • Identify shortcomings in your plant’s manufacturing practices
  • Reassess what the FDA will look for when they enter your plant
  • Prepare for FSMA’s changes to current GMP requirements
  • Benchmark your plant’s GMP practices against industry best practices

Join GMA for this timely, convenient and cost-effective webinar in which all participants can engage with expert facilitators about the effective implementation of your GMP program.


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