Get Smart: What's Coming in Nutrition Labeling Reform

Preliminary Agenda

I.  Twenty Years of Mandatory Nutrition Labeling in the US
From the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act to Present Day


II.  FDA’s Groundwork for Nutrition Labeling Reform
Four Advance Notices of Proposed Rulemaking and
      the Issues on the Table

·         Trans Fat 2003 – Contextual statements and claims

·         Prominence of Calories 2005

·         Serving Size 2005

·         Revisions to Daily Values 2007

III.  Nutrition Labeling Reform Options under Consideration

·         Nutrition Label Formats

·         Serving Size Changes

·         Calorie Declarations

·         Required and Permitted Nutrients

·         Daily Values

·         Dietary Context for Trans Fat Declaration

·         Considerations for Special Populations

·         Impact of Changes on Nutrition Claims

IV.  When Will It Start? When Will It End?
General Timeline and Process for Nutrition Labeling Reform