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Wednesday, July 17

7:00-8:15am  Growth and Public Policy Summit Breakfast and Opening
Grand Ballroom, Lobby Level

Sam Kass, Executive Director of Let’s Move! and Senior Policy Advisor on Nutrition, The White House

8:30-9:30am   Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Volatility and Vulnerability: The Impact of Climate Change on Global Supply Chains
Monet 1, Second Level

How is climate change impacting the way companies manage business risks and opportunities in the sourcing, production, and distribution of food, beverage and consumer products? Regardless of the cause, a changing climate means unpredictable weather patterns, droughts and extreme storms, shifts in agricultural growing regions, strains on the availability, reliability, and cost of key resources such as water and energy. In this session, sustainability experts will offer corporate, government, and environmental NGO perspectives on the potential impacts of climate change on business, discuss policies, strategic planning and management initiatives that leading companies are implementing to reduce their environmental footprint, increase operational efficiencies, and manage risk in the US and globally, and how their actions may present opportunities for business and the industry as a whole.

Andrew Essreg, Senior Manager and East Central Practice Leader, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Nancy Gillis, Senior Manager Sustainable Procurement, Supply Chains and System Dynamics, Ernst & Young LLP

David Stangis, Vice President, Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, President

Label Me Wise: Nutrition Label Rules and Regulations Update
Monet 2, Second Level

Consumers, nutrition labeling and obesity: what does the future hold? Industry, consumers and policymakers are focused on providing consumers with the tools they need to construct a healthier diet with a sharp focus on the future of nutrition labeling. Leading industry experts and policymakers will discuss the past, present and future of nutrition labeling, including the Nutrition Facts Panel, front-of-pack nutrition labeling, health claims and all aspects of product labeling.  In the next few years, the nutrition labeling landscape is expected to undergo its most significant changes since the implementation of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act more than 20 years ago, and our panel of experts can help you decipher the path forward.

Chung-Tung Jordan Lin, Supervisory Consumer Science Specialist, Office of Outreach and Analytics, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Sarah Roller, JD, RD, MPH, Partner, Kelley Drye & Warren, LLP

Eric Steiner, Director, U.S. Government Affairs and Policy, Kraft Foods Group, Inc.

Paula Trumbo, PhD, Acting Director of Nutrition Programs, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Advocacy in the Age of Social Media
Monet 3, Second Level

From GMOs and sodium, to BPA and marketing, how does today’s hyper-connected society impact advocacy efforts in Washington and the 50 states?  Join experts from leading digital communications firm Engage and panelists from government and the association world as they explore model practices for making your voice heard on Capitol Hill and in statehouses around the country.  Learn how innovative companies and associations are using social media channels to activate grassroots networks and examine high profile case studies that highlight what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leveraging new media to achieve public policy goals.

Tim Cameron, Director of Digital Media, House Republican Conference

Stephen Dwyer, Digital Director and Policy Advisor, Office of the House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer

Tammy Gordon, Vice President of Social Media, AARP

Nick Schaper, Senior Vice President, Engage

Green Chemistry: Impact, Initiatives and Outlook
Monet 4, Second Level

Going green – is it based in science and what is coming up in this area? One speaker explains a federal program that encourages use of safer chemicals in products. Another explains that the states have taken the lead in Green Chemistry, a decade-old trend in sustainability, and asks to what ends? Are the unintended consequences of green chemistry a force for congressional action?

Clive Davies, Chief, Design for the Environment Program, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  
Mark Duvall, Principal, Beveridge & Diamond

9:30-9:40am   Networking Break
                               Solarium, Lobby Level     

9:40-10:40am   Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Parched: The Ripple Effects of Drought Throughout the Value Chain
Monet 1, Second Level

Is the CPG supply chain drying up? Water is quickly becoming the next big issue both in managing global supply chains and in sustainability. With a changing climate comes changes to our water tables, agricultural growing cycles, and seasonal rain and drought. The U.S. alone has seen significant instances of both drought and flooding over the past year, both of which have made national news as farmers attempt to weather these crises. The CPG industry is leading the way on managing water tables, using crops that are drought resistant, and helping secure our supply chains for the future. In this session, leading experts will discuss water and drought both domestically and globally and what leaders should be prepared for and prepared to do in the coming years.

Jonathan Atwood, Vice President, Sustainable Living and Corporate Communications, Unilever

Brooke Barton, Director, Water Program, Ceres

Lauren Kelley Koopman, Director, Sustainable Business Solutions Practice, PwC

Stefani Millie, Grant Manager, State Affairs and Government Relations, Unilever

Jonathan Radtke, Water Resource Sustainability Manager, Coca-Cola North America

Responsible Marketing: A Report Card on Industry Progress
Monet 2, Second Level

Standing still or a culture of continuous improvement? You decide: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey concluded that over the past decade, children and teens have reduced their average daily caloric intake as well as their consumption of total fat, sodium, and sugar. This shift is attributable in part to the food companies’ healthy eating initiatives and food marketing practices. This panel will examine the current food marketing landscape, industry self-regulation initiatives, and product marketing in the era of social media.

Jim Davidson, Chair, Public Policy Practice, Polsinelli Public Policy Group

Daniel L. Jaffe, Group Executive Vice President, Government Relations, Association of National Advertisers

Elaine D. Kolish, Vice President and Director, Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative
, Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.

Jerome D. Williams, PhD, MS, Prudential Chair in Business and Interim Director and Research Director, Center of Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Rutgers Business School

Beyond Ships, Trains and Trucks: Transforming Our Nation’s Supply Chain Infrastructure
Monet 2, Second Level

How will you get your product to market – and direct to consumers in the 21st century? Getting your product to market safely and quickly is important, but our basic transportation infrastructure is deteriorating. Home delivery for products commonly found on grocery store shelves is increasing. Congress has for years struggled to reauthorize transportation programs. State and local governments are questioning the federal government’s role in funding transportation infrastructure. Is Washington’s 120 year involvement in transportation funding in jeopardy because it lacks what business needs: speed and predictability?

Diana Felner, Director, Government Affairs, Bunge North America, Inc.

Caitlin Hughes Rayman, Director, Office of Freight Management and Operations, Federal Highway Administration, US Department of Transportation

Jon Samson, Executive Director, American Trucking Association, Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference

Patrick J. Natale, PE, FASCE, CAE, Executive Director, American Society of Civil Engineers

The Roles of Government and the Private Sector in a Clean, Safe and Healthy Home
Monet 4, Second Level

Government and the CPG industry – perfect together: The federal government is advancing a healthy homes agenda through a multi-agency work group. The modern definition of a healthy home involves many factors that can impact a person’s health and wellbeing. How can the private sector help the public sector craft a healthy homes model initiative to promote safe, decent and sanitary housing as a means to reduce cost burdens of disease and injury?

Peter Ashley, Director, Policy and Standards Division, Office of Healthy Homes, HUD

Kathy Seikel, Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Children's Health Protection, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


10:40-10:50am   Networking Break
                           Solarium, Lobby Level                           

10:50-11:50am   Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Beyond Bottles and Boxes: The Future of Packaging
Monet 4, Second Level

Space-age technology or the new normal? As technology advances, so does our packaging, helping the CPG industry deliver safe, affordable products to millions of consumers worldwide. From nanotechnology to biodegradable materials to conflict minerals, the U.S. food, beverage, and consumer products manufacturers are at the leading edge of packaging technology and sustainability. In this session, experts from the environmental, business, and international trade communities will discuss what opportunities and challenges in packaging lie ahead for the $2.1 trillion CPG industry and what this could mean for global commerce and consumers.

Craig Cookson, DIrector, Sustainability and Recycling, American Chemistry Council

Shanna L. Moore, Global DIrector of Sustainability, Packaging and Polymer
s, DuPont Packaging

Brad Rodgers, Research and Development Director, Sustainable Packaging and Materials Research, PepsiCo, Inc.

Jeff Wooster, Plastics North America, The Dow Chemical Company

Partnership for a Healthier America
Monet 1-2, Second Level

Solving childhood obesity within a generation – mission accepted: The Partnership for a Healthier American (PHA) is devoted to working with the private sector to ensure the health of our nation’s youth by solving the childhood obesity crisis. Founded in 2010, PHA brings together public, private and nonprofit leaders to broker meaningful commitments and develop strategies to end childhood obesity.  Come hear about the progress that has been made over the past three years with PHA President and CEO, Lawrence Soler.

David J. Socolow, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Pinnacle Foods, Inc.

Lawrence A. Soler, President and CEO, Partnership for a Healthier America

Andrea Thomas, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Walmart Stores, Inc.

US Game Changers
Monet 3, Second Level

Four years after the start of the 2008 recession, the US continues to face cyclical and structural headwinds to growth, including high unemployment, a debt overhang, and a skills mismatch in the workforce. But there are new opportunities on the horizon that could dramatically transform the US economy. Forthcoming research by the McKinsey Global Institute will assess a set of "game-changers" in the US economy that can substantially raise productivity growth, GDP growth, and job creation.

Martin Neil Baily, PhD, Senior Advisor, Mckinsey Global Institute

Susan Lund, Principal, McKinsey & Company at the Mckinsey Global Institute

Ronald Volpe, Vice President, Customer Development, Sales, Kraft Foods Group, Inc.

12:00-1:00pm   Luncheon

How to Build a Healthier City with Jane Black
Grand Ballroom, Lobby Level

Jane Black, formerly a food writer at The Washington Post, is currently at work on a book about food culture and class in Huntington, West Virginia. Her session, How to Build a Healthier City will challenge the conventional wisdom about how to revolutionize the American diet and offer practicle strategies for meaningful change.

Jane Black, Food Columnist/Writer, The Washington Post/New York Times

1:00-2:00pm   Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Value Chain Collaboration:  Is Food a Local or National Issue?
Monet 3-4, Second Level

Where does my food come from? How is it produced? Where is it grown? And how does it make its way to my plate? These are questions consumers are less and less equipped to answer. As the discussion about how we get our food and where it comes from becomes more distant from consumers, the challenges become greater to the broader value chain in communicating about these matters – both to consumers and to policy makers. This session will explore the challenges the value chain faces in communicating with policy makers on a broad set of issues and ways for greater collaboration from farm to fork.

Bryan Dierlam, Director, Federal Government Relations, Cargill Inc.

Ron Graf, Vice President, Government Relations, The Hershey Company

Thomas Hammer, President, National Oilseed Processors Association

Dale Moore, Executive Director, Public Policy, American Farm Bureau Federation

Political Update
Monet 1-2, Second Level

The last three election cycles has shown to be some of the most contentious and volatile in American history. At a time of huge challenges facing our country mired in a climate of high-stakes stand-offs and policy posturing, the political stakes are higher than they have ever been. The question posed to our panelists: What will 2013 hold and what will it tell us about the 2014 election cycle? This session will explore these issues and offer an opportunity to hear from people involved in these matters every day.

Jonathan Allen, Senior Washington Correspondent, POLITICO

Liesl Hickey, Executive Director, National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)

Kelly C. Ward, Executive Director, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

2:00 – 2:15pm   Networking Break
                          Solarium, Lobby Level                 

2:15-3:15pm   General Session

Covering the Great Debate:  Food and Health Reporting in the 21st Century
Grand Ballroom, Lobby Level

Journalists play a critical role in shaping public and policymaker opinion. The outcome of a public policy debate can and often does hinge on the way an issue is covered by the fourth estate, so understanding what drives news coverage has never been more important. This session will feature news veterans from national, regional and digital publications engaged in a stimulating roundtable discussion of the state of food and heath reporting today.

Allison Aubrey, Food and Health Correspondent, NPR

Helena Bottemiller, Washington Correspondent, Food Safety News

Philip Brasher, Editor, Executive Briefing-Agriculture and Food, Roll Call/CQ

Candy Sagon, Health Writer, AARP Bulletin

Sally Squires, MS, Senior Vice President and Director of Food, Nutrition and Wellness Communications, Powell Tate

Stephanie Strom, Food and Beverage Business Correspondent, New York TImes

3:15-3:30pm   Networking Break
                       Solarium, Lobby Level                   

3:30 -4:30pm   Closing Session

From Skeptic to Science: Accepting GMOs with Mark Lynas
Grand Ballroom, Lobby Level

Mark Lynas spent years destroying genetically modified crops in the name of the environment. Now he's told the world that he was wrong.    

Mark Lynas, Author

Transportation to the GMA Leadership in Public Policy Dinner

To cap off the GMA Growth and Public Policy Summit, the GMA Leadership in Public Policy will be held at the Mandarin Hotel, 1330 Maryland Ave, SW. Transportation to the dinner will leave the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel at 5:30 pm from the main road in front of the hotel, with a second pick-up leaving at 6:00pm. At the conclusion of the dinner, a charter buss will return attendees to the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, leaving at 9:30pm from the Mandarin Oriental ballroom entrance on Maine Avenue. A second pick-up will leave no later than 10:00pm.

6:00pm-6:45pm   Red, White and Blue Reception
     Mandarin Oriental Hotel                        

7:00pm-9:30pm   Leadership in Public Policy Dinner
                         Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Get ready to enjoy an elegant dinner with friends and colleagues from across the spectrum of industry and public policy.           

GMA George W. Koch Leadership in Public Policy Award

Please join GMA as we honor George W. Koch with the inaugural presentation of the new Leadership in Public Policy Award in recognition of his unparalleled contributions as one of the most respected public policy advocates for the CPG industry and business community. The annual award will be named for him and presented in his honor in 2014 and beyond.

Thursday, July 18

9:30– 10:00am    Hill Visits Pre-Briefing and Breakfast    
(GMA Member By Invitation Only)

10:00 am – 3:00pm     Appointments on Capitol Hill    
(GMA Member By Invitation Only)