Supply Chain & Productivity Conference 2012

Achieve Efficiency. Improve Productivity. Increase Profitability!

Distribution professionals are expected to do more with less. The one day ProductivityPLUS event offers real-world solutions in a condensed time frame to help beat that challenge

Registering for the Supply Chain Conference entitles you to attend this bonus event at a discounted rate. Can only get away for a day? ProductivityPlus gives managers and directors tactics that can be taken back and immediately applied to current business processes.

Your participation in the Supply Chain Conference and ProductivityPlus will provide you with a well-rounded perspective on both the strategic and tactical opportunities for improving the shared supply chain.

If you are responsible for a warehouse, a fleet or a support system in the food and consumer product distribution industry, you should be here.

Benefits of ProductivityPlus include:

Peer-to-Peer Networking: Meet retailers, wholesalers and suppliers at education sessions, social functions and round-table discussions.

Practical Education Sessions: Attend hands-ontactical sessions focused on delivering solutions to present and future business challenges. ProductivityPLUS presents themed workshops developed by a team of your industry peers.

Preliminary Program of Events


Please note: All ProductivityPlus attendees are welcome to attend the following Supply Chain closing events.

To download a list of speaker biographies, please click on the "Program" tab.

Tuesday, January 24

4:00 pm - Supply Chain Conference Closing Keynote

Erik Wahl– Rewards of Collaboration and Thinking Differently

(Productivity Conference attendees invited to attend)

The retail food industry is experiencing an unprecedented era of change unlike anything we have experienced in the past.  Market forces are driving increases in input and operating costs and forcing us to look at the supply chain through an entirely new lens.  The next evolution of supply chain productivity and efficiency will require new levels of collaboration, risk taking, and creative thinking to unlock trapped productivity between trading partners.

During the closing session, Erik Wahl, Artist & Speaker, will expand and challenge your thinking around the rewards of risk taking, collaboration, and thinking differently.  Erik’s innovative presentation will explore these themes while creating paintings that will make memories that will last a lifetime.  A few lucky attendees will also have a chance to win one of Erik’s creations at the PepsiCo evening event.

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7:00 pm - Closing Gala at the Hard Rock Cafe

Come experience what it feels like to be a “Rock Star” and enjoy an evening of great music, dancing, food, games and conversation with your industry peers.  Be sure to arrive on time to enjoy the red carpet, the main event, and of course the after party just like the celebrities do. 

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Wednesday, January 25

7:00 am - 5:00 pm Registration

7:00 am Networking Breakfast with Exhibitors

8:15 am Seth Mattison, Expert on the Millennial Generation

Rocking the Workplace: Managing and Leading the Four Generations

If you think you've heard the generation’s topic before, guess again. The team that brought you the best-selling book, When Generations Collide, uses cutting-edge research, multimedia, stats, and case studies to highlight what it's going to take to attract and retain the best and brightest talent of every age.

9:00 am Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Do You Really Know What is Happening on the Road?

On board cameras are being used to monitor driver in-cab activities, change behavior and ensure compliance, while also displaying what is occurring on the road ahead.

Rob Jones, Safety Manager, Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

Dale Peleski, Region Director Risk Control, Supervalu, Inc.


Cutting Edge Automation
This session will discuss new opportune applications of mechanization and automation in focused areas of solutions for smaller DCs.  Breakthroughs and insights from around the globe will be highlighted by two experienced international consultants.  Panelists will present case studies and lessons learned in implementations of Opportune Automation.

John McGlasson, Vice President of Logistics, Food Tech LLC

Keith Swiednicki, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Partner, KOM International

Bob Doyle, Vice President, Operations, Golub/Price Chopper Supermarkets

Tod Hockenson,Vice President, Distribution, Hy-Vee, Inc.


The New Social Media “Culture Club”… who is a member from your organization?

Learn how to leverage social media and its networks to build a different kind of culture within your organization. Use social media to facilitate communication amongst employees that could solve potential conflicts of interest, encourage trust, allow for more resources and create a strong community to share knowledge. When effectively used it can encourage teamwork and team building to foster a positive culture within an organization! Leverage this new social media “culture club” to expose your business to a much broader network as each and every employee is already a spokesperson for your organization. Create guidelines on how to take advantage of this exposure, promote your brand, and manage your image!

Helen Levinson, Principal of Digital Marketing Firm at Desert Rose Design

Ryan Neville, Director, Internet and New Media, Hy-Vee


Unleash the Full Potentional of DSD: Providing Visibility, Measuring Outcomes and Aligning KPIs (South China Sea)

This session will provide an overview of the inherent challenges to effectively managing DSD, and describe the best practices developed by winning retailers to overcome those challenges through a combination of technology, transparency, data sharing and analysis.  Learn how to overcome inherent trust and data integrity issues between retailer and supplier; the most effective ways for standardizing data exchange; how to collaboratively establish key performance indicators that represent win/win outcomes; how more timely, more actionable intelligence can be put to use to reduce out of stock and shrink and drive sales; how data exchange and transparency can empower employees on all levels of the organization to achieve superior results.

Mike L. Jackson, Former President and Chief Operating Officer, SUPERVALU

Tal J. Zlotnitsky, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, iControl


10:15 am Refreshment Break

10:45 am Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Reducing Damage, Unsaleables and Returns

Best practices in expiration product date management and damage reduction prevention will be presented by two teams from the recently completed Joint Industry Reverse Supply Chain Improvement Project.  Real life examples of success stories will be presented by manufacturers and retailers. 

Moderated by Dan Raftery, President, Raftery Resources Network, Inc.

Panelists include:

Robert Rippley, Executive Vice President, Logistics, Associated Wholesalers, Inc.

Pete Bannochie, Vice President, DRS Products Returns, LLC

Jim Schumacher, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Continuous Improvement, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Ted Lechner, Reverse Logistics Manager, H-E-B Food Company, LP

Hours of Service Regulations

What to expect from and how to prepare for new regulations (pending regulatory action).

Dave Osiecki, Senior Vice President of Policy & Regulatory Affairs, American Trucking Association


Fuel Efficieny and Hurdles
New technologies for mileage improvements. Wet hedging. Alternative fuels.  New tires, collision avoidance technology. ]What to expect from the new bio-fuels requirements.

Moderated by Arthur Trahan, Senior Manager Maintenance Technical-National Accounts, Ryder Systems, Inc.

Mike Lech, Vice President, Logistics, SUPERVALU Inc.

Tod Hockenson, Vice President, Distribution, Hy-Vee, Inc.

Reducing Kilowatts

This session will explore the what – the how – and the results - from real cold chain warehouse projects for reducing energy consumption.  Hear from two energy efficiency experts as well as a panel of cold chain warehouse managers.

Chris Covell, President, SmartWatt Energy, Inc.

Randy Fletcher, Vice President Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Associated Grocers, Inc.

Bryan Genevick, Project Development Engineer, SmartWatt Energy, Inc.


12:00 - 1:30 pm Lunch

1:30 - 2:30 pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Food Safety & Product Damage Control

New techniques for temperature management, in the cold chain.  Best practices in damage reduction.  Hear specific case studies on temperature management of air freight and learn how Wendy’s improved their DSD cold chain.

Rick Burden, Director Transportation and Logistics, Nature Ripe

Frank Morgiewicz, Vice President and GM Logistics Services, ArrowStream

The Value of Product Slotting and LEAN Performance Management

Warehouse slotting projects deliver considerable cost savings in the forms of labor efficiencies and enhanced space utilization. Similarly, reviewing distribution processes and moving toward LEAN standards can also deliver significant savings. Join us for a closer look at the significant cost savings MBM Food Service is achieving from engineered standards applied to each functional area and measured at the associate level.

Bo Thomson, Senior Consultant, enVista

Tom Stephens, Senior Project Manager for MBM

How to Hire & Keep Talent

Diane Cooke, Vice President, Human Resources, Schwans Consumer Products
Lisa Stowater, Assistant Vice President, Transportation and Human Resources, Hy-Vee

Standards for Information Sharing

This session will focus on practical applications and ways that smaller companies can participate. Topics will include: standards for information sharing; standard EDI vs. web-based EDI; cloud technology;  GS1-US advances/update;  ASN success stories; and lLot/date codes capture and usage. 

Dee Biggs, Director of Customer Logistics, Welch Foods, Inc.

Ruben Castano, Vice President, Strategic Accounts, 1SYNC

Marianne Timmons, CEO, Supply Chain 2020


2:30- 2:45  Networking Break

2:45 pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Efficient Fleet and Asset Utilization

This session highlights best practices, collaborative successes and innovative ways to reduce total transportation costs in: Backhaul . Empty Miles programs, freight consolidation, collaborative freight control, regional touring, inbound logistics, and mixing centers. 

Chris Kane, Chief Customer Strategy Officer, Kane Is Able,  Inc.

Joe Andraski, President and Chief Operationg Officer, VICS

Mark Emerson, Vice President, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

Steve Sezna, Chief Operation Officer, Case Stack


Productivity Program Success

Incentive pay and off-standard versus standard hours, accuracy improvements, how to develop and update labor standards and more will  be addressed.

John Moulton, Director, Product Manager, RedPrairie

Christopher Smith, Director of Industrial Engineering, Associated Wholesale Grocers


Managing Today’s Diverse Workforce

This workshop will explore operational methods by which employers manage the contemporary bi-lingual, ethnically diverse, and religiously pluralistic workforce.  The workshop will combine presentations with interactive panel discussion to cover legal and practical considerations arising from issues including:

  *  English-Only Policies

  *  Immigration regulatory compliance and choices about E-Verify

  *  Religiously-mandated attire

Learn about and take away practical tools to understand and successfully deal with these increasingly important issues.

David Weinstein, Partner, Baker & Daniels

Georgia Marchbanks, Tampa Field Office, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

“Moneyball” – Get the Most Out of Available Technologies

This session will explore how you can maximize your benefits from several popular areas where technology supports your day-to-day operations.  In this session you will learn:

  • How to get more from EOBR
  • What the new mandates for fuel economy will mean to you.
  • How to document your carbon footprint

Data analytics experts will describe how to use your current technology for “real-time” analytics and create a winning edge.

Mike Meehan, Regional Vice President, Fleet Advantage

3:45 pm Refreshment Break

4:00 pm General Session

Washington Update

Hear from an FMI government affairs expert about what to expect from inside “The Beltway” during this critically important election year.  An FMI team is developing a template for publication in June 2012.  Hear an early read on what the new regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act and Hours of Service Regulations will mean for DCs and fleets.  Plus - updates on produce and perishables traceability.

Erik Lieberman, Regulatory Counsel, Food Marketing Institute