GMA Sustainability Webinar Series: Why Extended Producer Responsibility Doesn’t Add Up

GMA Sustainability Webinar Series - 1
Why Extended Producer Responsibility
Doesn’t Add Up

Monday, September 10, 2012
2:00pm-3:30pm (EDT)

SAIC, a leader in solid waste management expertise, has completed their GMA sponsored report on extended producer responsibility (EPR). EPR is a legislated policy approach that shifts the cost of managing packaging or products from local governments to the producers of those products.

There is increasing discussion as to whether EPR policies for packaging and printed material should be introduced in the United States.  Advocates of EPR provide a number of arguments supporting its use  – but does EPR really deliver as promised, and is it the most cost-effective, efficient way to achieve environmental objectives?

During this presentation, hear the results of a newly-completed, fact-based evaluation of EPR by SAIC for packaging and printed paper.   


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