SmartLabel Webinar Series: Syndigo

SmartLabel® Webinar Series: Syndigo

May 2, 2019

3:00 - 4:00 pm (EST)

Product transparency has become 'table stakes' for brands and retailers in order to engage and convert consumers. Data quality, including information completeness and accuracy are important to ensure shopper engagement, conversion and brand loyalty. In order to be at the top of eCommerce search, deep nutritional and allergen claims, ingredient transparency, and additional rich media content must be visible.

At Syndigo, we work with thousands of brands and retailers to help them tell their stories with core marketing content, deep nutritional content, and enhanced rich media content. Our capabilities enable us to syndicate product content from brands directly to retailers and their eCommerce sites including images, video galleries, interactive product tours, 360 spins, comparison charts, recipes, and influencer and user generated content. In much the same way, SmartLabel is expanding the opportunity to share a brand’s critical product information for nutritional transparency, and allows them to build loyalty with the consumer through telling their brand story. In our session we will share how to maximize a product's content for broader exposure to drive deeper consumer engagement across all content platforms.