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Canned Foods, 8th Edition

The quintessential processors handbook! Updated last summer, the 8th edition of our Canned Foods Manual includes the latest FDA process filing requirements, cooling water essentials, the use of new flexible and semirigid containers, and key elements from the Food Safety Modernization Act!

Paperback - $110.00
Product #SEF-2015-c
HACCP Manual, 5th Edition

This popular instructional and resource manual builds on the knowledge and practical teachings used by the industry to teach and implement HACCP. Featuring new advances in food science and regulatory references from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), this text is a must for HACCP-related food safety management.

Check out our Online HACCP Training created in partnership with Vivid Learning Systems. Mention your GMA membership for a discounted rate!

Paperback - $89.99
Product #SRA-2014-h
HACCP Slides, 4th Ed. (English)

This slide set, available for direct download, containing 15 PowerPoint presentations, highlights the main concepts covered in HACCP: A Systematic Approach to Food Safety, 4th edition. An excellent training aid for anyone teaching HACCP workshops. 4th edition

Electronic - $500.00
Product #SRA-2006-ht
canned foods manuals, 7th edition spanish cover

An excellent reference for food processors, Canned Foods is recognized by FDA and USDA as the required textbook for all approved Better Process Control Schools.

Paperback - $110.00
Product #SEF-2007-a

The Industrial Food Safety: Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment and Facilities Participant Guide (Foundation Level) manual is intended to provide sanitation operators with a comprehensive overview of sanitation regarding food manufacturing facilities.

Members & Nonmembers - $50.00
Product #SEF-2017-SOT

The accompanying manual for the Acidified Foods Manufacturing School offered through North Carolina State University. The program provides instruction in concepts ranging from food handling techniques to critical factors in acidification. This program qualifies commercial operators and plants producing acidified foods to meet the requirements of the umbrella GMP and the specific GMP for acidified foods.

Paperback - $75.00
Product #SRA-2014-a

This guidance was created to assist in-house counsel and other personnel responsible for regulatory compliance in understanding what records companies must make available to FDA investigators during a routine inspection. It also highlights gray areas of records access created by FSMA, notes frequent requests GMA members have received from investigators, and offers practical advice and considerations for navigating these issues.

GMA Members - PDF - $0.00
Nonmembers - PDF - $49.00
Product #SRA-2018-g
validation guidelines for automated control cover

The 2nd Edition of Validation Guidelines for Automated Control of Food Processing Systems Used for the Processing and Packaging of Preserved Foods (also recognized as Bulletin 43-L) is a collaborative effort between GMA members and the National Center for Food Safety and Technology (NCFST).

GMA Members - PDF - $85.99
Nonmembers - PDF - $171.99
Product #SRA-2002-vg

The first pictographic dictionary of common defects for the flexible packaging industry drafted by the GMA (formerly NFPA) Flexible Package Integrity Committee (formed January 26, 1984). The committee involved over 130 packaging experts in the development of this bulletin to serve three purposes:

1) A resource that producers, developers, and processors of four types of flexible packages could use as a pictorial dictionary to identify and classify common defects.
2) Establish good manufacturing practice guidelines for primary manufacture of acceptable packages including “Hold for Investigation” (HFI) guidelines for industry approval.
3) List appropriate test methods for each of the four package types for testing filled packages.

GMA Members & Nonmembers - PDF - $39.99
Product #SRA-1989-f
HACCP manual, 4th edition spanish cover

The 4th edition of this highly successful manual is designed to assist in the development of a HACCP plan to meet a company's needs and comply with applicable U.S. regulations for meat, poultry, seafood and juice. Available in Spanish.

Paperback - $89.99
Product #SRA-2008-hs

1 - 10 of 10 results