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Information Technology Investment and Effectiveness Study (2006)

Grocery Manufacturers Association

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This year’s study is the eighth such analysis to be completed. The findings are based on two separate surveys administered between November 2005 and February 2006: the IT Spending and Investment Survey; and the IT Effectiveness Survey. The IT Spending and Investment Survey targeted senior IT executives in GMA-member companies and focused on capturing information about IT spending and strategy. The IT Effectiveness Survey targeted senior business executives in GMA-member companies and focused on evaluating the effectiveness of IT.

Thirty-seven IT executives completed the IT Spending and Investment Survey, while 66 business executives completed the IT Effectiveness Survey. In all, 103 respondents from 46 companies with revenues ranging from US$160 million to US$14 billion participated in the study. (The figures in the remainder of the report are based on the number of respondents who answered each question, since not all respondents answered every question.) The overall response rate was higher than in earlier GMA IT investment and effectiveness studies (and particularly strong for the IT Effectiveness Survey), illustrating both the continued importance and relevance of IT to business and IT executives alike.

IBM presented the preliminary results of the latest study at the GMA Information Systems/Logistics Distribution Conference in April 2006. This report provides a more detailed analysis of the data. It includes comparisons of the findings with those of the 2004 GMA Information Technology Investment and Effectiveness Study and similar studies conducted by Forrester Research, where relevant. It also draws on IBM’s surveys, thought leadership and extensive experience from client engagements. Appendix 1 provides a brief discussion of the findings in an international context, since GMA is interested in extending the geographic range of future surveys.

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