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Canned foods manuals, 7th edition spanish cover

Alimentos Enlatados: Principios de Control del Proceso Térmico, Acidificación, y Evaluación del Cierre de los Envases, 7ma Edición (Canned Foods Manual - Spanish)

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An excellent reference for food processors, Canned Foods is recognized by FDA and USDA as the required textbook for all approved Better Process Control Schools. Covers GMP regulations for thermally processed low-acid and acidified canned foods. This comprehensive guide also includes food container handling, food plant sanitation, record-keeping, aseptic processing, and container closure evaluation. 198 pp. 7th edition (Spanish) ISBN 978-0-937774-61-8

Product Details:

Product ID: SEF-2007-a
Publication Year: 2007
Page length: 198 pages