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Brand Protection and Supply Chain Integrity: Methods for Counterfeit Detection, Prevention and Deterrence

Authentix, the Food Marketing Institute, the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Inmar

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This guide offers best practices to help manufacturers and retailers address counterfeit goods in the marketplace. For the purposes of this guide, counterfeit goods are defined as illegitimately manufactured or adulterated goods. This guide does not address stolen goods, or products such as “replica” or “genuine imitation” items that do not otherwise violate a brand owner’s rights. This best practices guide presents methods for counterfeit detection, prevention and deterrence, as well as recommendations for responding to the discovery of suspect goods. This guide allows companies to benchmark their efforts and policies related to counterfeit product against what other consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are doing to safeguard their supply chains, protect their brand image and ensure the integrity of their customer and consumer relationships.

The scope of products covered in this guide includes CPG – food, over-the-counter medicines, pet and health and beauty care products. The guide does not cover coupons, apparel, sporting goods, automotive, electronics or other non-food items found in mass merchandisers and specialty retail.

The best practices are offered to create a safer supply chain for consumers and to help protect manufacturers’ and retailers’ brands. The intention is to present practices that will offer positive ROI for putting a program in place to minimize consumer risk by preventing or limiting the sale of illicit or tampered goods.

Product Details:

Product ID: IA-2014-b
Publication Year: 2014
Page length: 50 pages