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GMA Science and Education Foundation Webinar Series

Change the Food Safety and Quality Culture in your Organization Webinar

GMA Science and Education Foundation and Campden BRI

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The importance of food safety culture has become increasingly recognized in the past few years, as has the role of psychology and the importance of behavior-based approaches to food safety management. Many organizations have invested in training, food safety management systems, audits and certifications, but even amongst the highest performers, there is a sense that ‘something is missing’. This webinar investigates what that is, and how to measure it. Campden BRI experts Dr. Joanne Taylor and Mr. Bertrand Emond explain how you can improve the food safety culture in your organization, using a tool called 'The Culture Excellence Model'.

Product Details:

Product ID: SEF-2016-c
Publication Year: 2016
Page length: 60 minutes