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Documentation and Recordkeeping: From the Plant Floor to the File Drawer and Beyond Webinar

Grocery Manufacturers Association

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Records are the beginning and the end of the compliance definition. We have updated our guide to all things records with the latest in records access! Every food manufacturer - from the very big to the very small - generates many records during the course of a production day. That documentation provides a history of how each product was produced and, when completed properly, can save the manufacturer from possible regulatory scrutiny.

In this hour-long webcast, Jennifer McEntire details clearly defined expectations and procedures for the creation, storage, and destruction of records and documentation is critical to complying with the final Preventive Controls rule of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). There are new categories of records required based on the regulation and the structure of the new Food Safety Plan approach. A prime example would be the expansion of critical control points to the preventive control approach where firms will take into consideration not only processing controls but also sanitation and in some cases allergen controls. You want to know the significant changes in records requirements from the standpoint of comparing the old HACCP approach to the new FSMA approach.

At the conclusion of this webinar, viewers will have the knowledge and tools to determine what records your company must create and retain as part of the Preventive Controls rule, describe the scope of FDA's records access under FSMA, and apply practical tips and industry practices to your recordkeeping procedures.

Product Details:

Product ID: SRA-2016-d
Publication Year: 2016
Page length: 72 minutes