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Enterprise Social Computing: Accelerating Communications and Innovations Inside the Enterprise

Grocery Manufacturers Association

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Businesses are no longer single-location, single-building entities. They are distributed across the country and around the globe. Employees need to reach across the global enterprise to contact subject-matter experts in any location a communications requirement that can be fully supported by enterprise social computing initiatives.

Enterprise social computing, as addressed in this white paper, focuses on innovations within the enterprise. This paper explores a proven road map for integrating social computing within the four walls of the enterprise, driving an accelerated and enhanced communications culture that can help organizations leverage their greatest assets: people and their relationships.

Social computing sites and tools make it easy for employees to spend nearly 11 percent of their personal Internet time engaged in social computing. Businesses can take advantage of this interest by using social tools to connect employees, improve the creative process and increase collaboration helping enterprises put new products on shelves in record time. Social computing solutions enable knowledge to be discovered in a timely manner, whether it is searching for a specific document, reviewing key-performance indicators or locating the right subject-matter expertise. Facilitating these connections encourages the mentoring of new employees, reduces training costs and improves the retention of knowledge within the enterprise.

Product Details:

Product ID: IA-2011-es
Publication Year: 2011
Page length: 18 pages