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Food Labeling 100 Webinar: Laying the Foundation

Grocery Manufacturers Association

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An introductory short course on food labeling, laying the foundation of the laws governing food labeling and the concepts and terminology of what's required to develop a food label for foods sold in the U.S. Viewers will have the knowledge and resources to identify statutory authorities that govern food labeling, describe the required label elements for FDA and USDA-regulated products, and describe the different approaches that FDA and USDA prescribe to food labeling.

This webinar is a prerequisite to our best-selling Food Labeling Workshop. Participants will be able to take a quiz upon completion of the modules and will receive a certificate of completion. Includes webinar recordings and a PDF of the full presentation.

Product Details:

Product ID: SRA-2016-f5
Publication Year: 2016
Page length: 71 pgs, 78 mins