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Performance of Food Cans (1st Edition)

Stanley J. Hotchner

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In this work, Mr. Hotchner has captured the history and development of can specifications from World War II to the present. The material contained in this work has heretofore not been readily available in the open literature. Mr. Hotchner has directed this narrative to those responsible for the manufacture and use of food cans, as well as to food technologists. It is appropriate for both industry personnel involved in canning as well as university food science students. Since canned foods continue an important role in the everyday diets of consumers worldwide, Mr. Hotchner feels that "With changing times and conditions, ...there is a risk of losing the record of progress made in can technology as [he] observed it since entering the industry in 1949."

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Product ID: SRA-1995-p
Publication Year: 1995
Page length: 72 pages