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Full-Shelf Satisfaction: Reducing Out-of-Stocks in the Grocery Channel - An In-Depth Look at DSD Categories

Grocery Manufacturers Association

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This report provides information on the out-of-stock situation in the grocery channel. GMA's Direct Store Delivery Committee launched an in-depth study to quantify the problem of out-of-stocks, understand consumer reaction when confronted with an out-of-stock, identify root causes and explore possible solutions for DSD categories. The study tracked over 1,600 items in seven DSD categories in 20 stores for 14 consecutive days. Additionally, ems provided daily out-of-stocks data for the top 25 grocery categories from 500 stores across five regions, resulting in more than 92 million individual store/item/day observations. The publication provides comprehensive data and analysis of the issue as well as a roadmap for trading partners to use to reduce the level of out-of-stocks at retail.

Product Details:

Product ID: IA-2002-r
Publication Year: 2002
Page length: 52 pages