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GMA’s “Minimizing the Presence of and Handling Abnormal Containers of Commercially Sterile Foods” was developed for processors, transporters and warehouse operators in the commercially sterile food industry. These practices can be applied universally, but the regulations cited herein are those that apply in the United States. Processors, transporters and warehouse operators may want to consider the food safety programs referenced in this document as the foundation for a successful system designed to minimize the potential for product spoilage from both underprocessing and container abuse.

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Product #SRA-2008-m

This guidance document, based on the 2009 GMA report, Control of Salmonella in Low Moisture Foods, was prepared to provide guidance to members of the US pasta industry for mitigating and controlling Salmonella in their facilities. These practices are recommended as an extension of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

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Product #SRA-2016-mi

In this Web chat, recorded April 7, 2016, Jennifer McEntire, Ph.D., Vice President of Science Operations at the Grocery Manufacturers Association, lists and describes the elements of an effective mock recall and explains why simulated recalls are essential to every food manufacturer. McEntire offers best practices every food manufacturer should be employing when planning for and executing a mock recall exercise and answers questions that were posed in real time from over 100 manufacturers about mock recalls in food manufacturing facilities.

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Product #SRA-2016-mo
GMA Webinar Series

In this webinar, ingredient suppliers will be able to:
• Identify changes to the Nutrition Label that require new or different information on ingredient composition
• Identify analytical and other methods that can be used to obtain nutrient information
• Understand compliance requirements for the new labeling rules and timing for their implementation

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Product #SRA-2016-n4

This solution provides a coupon format with a larger number of fields (many of them optional) for specifying the more complex coupon offers in use today. Data encoded in the coupon barcode is used to identify the source producing the coupon (typically a manufacturer), the conditions for fulfilling the offer, and the specific “save value” offered to the consumer.

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Product #IA-2015-na
GMA Webinar Series

The revised rules represent the largest overhaul to the Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP) and pertinent regulations since the inception of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act over 20 years ago. If you sell, market or manufacture packaged food and beverages, your product label will likely change as a result of these rules.

By the end of this 3-part series, participants will have the knowledge and tools to:

Identify brands and products impacted by final regulations
Develop new nutrition labeling strategies
Create an action plan to prepare your operation for the final rules and compliance dates
Apply requirements to the development of new labels, nutrient and health related claims and marketing strategies

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Product #SRA-2016-n
GMA Webinar Series

The first installment of the Nutrition Label Reform webinar series focuses on the changes to nutrition information used to build the Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP) including nutrient reference values, declaration of nutrients and rounding rules. The seminar also explores special labeling provisions and exemptions from nutrition labeling.

Find out:

Updates to Daily Values
Nutrient Declarations and Rounding Rules
NFP Provisions and Exemptions

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Product #SRA-2016-n1
GMA Webinar Series

Consumer’s diets and eating patterns have changed over the last two decades. This segment looks at the updates to the Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed (RACCs) and specific serving size rules that reflect these changes. We also explore the new requirements for presenting nutrition information to consumers and the resulting Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP) format changes.

Learn More About:

Updates and modifications to RACCs
Impact of RACC changes on current Nutrient Content Claims
New Single Serving Container definition
New dual-column NFP requirements
Changes to the NFP format

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Product #SRA-2016-n2
GMA Webinar Series

Along with the new requirements for nutrient declarations, there are also new requirements for compliance and record keeping. During this last segment we have examined:

New Compliance Requirements
Effective and Compliance Dates - What Do They Mean?
New Record Keeping Requirements - Fiber, Added Sugar and Folate
Record Keeping Basics

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Product #SRA-2016-n3

This new report shows that out-of-stock rates for online purchases of consumer products in the U.S. are nearly twice as high as in-store availability. Potential lost sales could reach $17 billion a year globally because products are not available online when consumers want to buy them.

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Product #IA-2018-o

The goal of this study is to identify collaborative opportunities to improve in-stock levels.

The extensive analysis of the data captured in the study along with market observations, surveys, and interviews led to the following key findings:

1. Challenges in managing plan-o-grams are an important reason why shelf conditions don’t always deliver the optimum shopping experience.
2. The in-stock level for DSD averaged 98.2 percent, which compares well with the 94.0 percent found in other ShelfSnap™4 studies for both DSD and warehousedelivered products.
3. The incidents of “under facings” in this study average 13.1 percent, which is significantly lower than the 30.0 percent found in other ShelfSnap™4 studies.
4. There are significant differences in retailer adoption of DSD practices, which creates untapped potential for improving performance.

Each of these findings is explained later in this report along with benchmarks and potential opportunities for retailers to improve in-stock levels. The report also provides a roadmap to help unleash the full potential of DSD and a recommended list of followup actions.

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Product #IA-2011-o

Are the FDA regulatory requirements for a Food Safety Plan redundant with GFSI’s expectations around food safety? If you are certified to a GFSI-benchmarked scheme, are you automatically compliant with FSMA? And will FDA consider your certification during an inspection? This webinar will examine how a food safety management system built around GFSI can lead to FSMA compliance and where there might be differences.

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Product #SEF-2015-p

In this work, Mr. Hotchner has captured the history and development of can specifications from World War II to the present. The material contained in this work has heretofore not been readily available in the open literature. Mr. Hotchner has directed this narrative to those responsible for the manufacture and use of food cans, as well as to food technologists. It is appropriate for both industry personnel involved in canning as well as university food science students.

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Product #SRA-1995-p

Over the course of 2007, Clarkston Consulting conducted more than 41 interviews with suppliers, retailers, technology and data providers and examined more than 100 sources of research to gain insights into current state and perceptions on the evolution of DSD. In addition, Clarkston analyzed syndicated data provided by The Nielsen Company and IRI to formulate quantitative observations on the performance of DSD in today’s retail and CPG supply chains. Also, late in 2007, AMR Research partnered with GMA to conduct an online survey to better understand suppliers’ and retailers’ current perceptions of the DSD model. Thirty-seven retailers and 42 North American suppliers responded to the GMA/AMR Research survey.

This report combines research from these sources to present insights to position DSD in today’s market.

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Product #IA-2008-pg

This webinar reviews the layout of the guidance, providing a high-level overview of its contents, and highlights key sections of interest for stakeholders during the comment development process. Viewers will have the knowledge and tools to prepare and submit informed comments on the guidance by the December deadline, describe where the guidance provided clarification to the final rule and identify where there are additional opportunities for stakeholder engagement.

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Product #SRA-2018-p
GMA Webinar Series

In this webinar, experts at GMA, CardnoChemrisk and Greenburg Trauig, LLP discuss what food manufacturers will face in the wake of California OEHHA's 2016 proposal on point-of-sale (POS) signage for BPA, what other options are available for moving away from use of BPA, and updates on the status of OEHHA's development of a safe harbor level and the regulatory and scientific landscape surrounding BPA.

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Product #SRA-2016-p

This study examines the food and consumer packaged goods recall practices of both U.S. manufacturers and retailers and identifies opportunities to improve recall execution.

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Product #IA-2010-re

The retailer-direct data initiative gives suppliers greater visibility down the supply chain, allowing them to not only see specific geographic, segment and price performances for a specific SKU but also to act on that information speedily.

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Product #IA-2009-rd

The Sanitation Lexicon is an effort by the GMA Sanitary Design Workgroup to standardize the terminology pertaining to the Food industry sanitation and hygiene. The goal is to calibrate the industry by agreeing upon a collection of terms and definitions associated with sanitation and sanitary principles; thus ensuring consistency and harmony when referring to a sanitation or hygiene related term such as ‘clean’ or ‘hazard’. This measure will help eliminate any confusion or differences within and across various working groups.

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Product #SRA-2013-sl

What are the most effective shopper marketing vehicles for building awareness … for driving trial … for creating loyalty? How should you direct your shopper marketing spend in displays … in social media … in search … in direct-to-card digital coupons? How do you decide which combinations of vehicles to use to create integrated shopper marketing programs that span the path to purchase? These are some of the questions that the fourth annual Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) shopper marketing study seeks to help you answer.

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Product #IA-2010-sm

As marketers increasingly come to understand that consumer behavior is not always a predictor of shopping behavior, they are becoming more focused on what drives shopper choice, both in online and physical stores. And as retailers themselves come to understand that their wealth of transaction data (what people bought) doesn’t give them true insights into why shoppers behave the way they do, retail merchandising and marketing leaders are questioning everything: store layout, navigation, promotional displays, packaging, associate training, and more.

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Product #IA-2011-sm

To better understand the emergence of shopper marketing and its impact on consumer products manufacturers and retailers, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) Sales Committee engaged Deloitte Consulting LLP to research and identify:

• The industry definition of shopper marketing;
• The state of shopper marketing in the consumer products industry;
• Leading practices employed by retailers and manufacturers; and
• Go-to-market strategies for shopper marketing.

In-depth surveys and interviews with leading consumer products manufacturers, retailers and service providers were conducted from June through September 2007. In addition, this report draws upon publicly reported company data and other published materials.

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Product #IA-2007-sm

¿Como deben de prepararse los proveedores y exportadores ante la implementación de las nuevas normas dictadas por la Ley de Modernización de la Inocuidad de Alimentos (FSMA)? ¿Cómo impactarán estas normas la exportación de productos agrícolas, alimentos y bebidas, en el comercio internacional entre América Latina y los Estados Unidos (EE.UU.)?

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Product #SEF-2015-cs
GMA SEF Webinar Series

¿Como deben de prepararse los proveedores y exportadores ante la implementación de las nuevas normas dictadas por la Ley de Modernización de la Inocuidad de Alimentos (FSMA)? ¿Cómo impactarán estas normas la exportación de productos agrícolas, alimentos y bebidas, en el comercio internacional entre América Latina y los Estados Unidos (EE.UU.)?

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Product #SEF-2015-f
GMA SEF Webinar Series

Los nuevos Controles Preventivos para Alimentación Humana (PCHF) de FSMA presentan un nuevo conjunto de retos para procesadores de comida. Notablemente control de los posibles peligros alimentarios ya no se limita a los controles de los procesos críticos tales como los utilizados en sistemas de inocuidad alimentaria de HACCP. PCHF requiere procesadores para ampliar el concepto de controles preventivos para incluir, entre otros, los controles de la cadena de provisión. Este altamente informativo webinar se dirige esos controles preventivos en la cadena de provisión. ¿Cuándo se necesitan? ¿Cómo son implementados y verificados? Únase a nosotros para averiguar cómo los controles de la cadena de provisión pueden ser un elemento eficaz de su Plan de Inocuidad Alimentaria PCHF.

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Product #SEF-2016-fs

Significantly expanded, the 4th edition of this comprehensive manual will prepare regulatory, safety and quality assurance professionals for managing a recall from soup to nuts.

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Product #SRA-2014-s

This report challenges grocery industry suppliers, distributors and retailers to create a more efficient supply chain through cooperative development of packaging to balance the many operating considerations for successful packaging. The voluntary guidelines contained in this report replace the 1996 guidelines.

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Product #IA-1999-sc

Through interviews, surveys, and research with leading Consumer Product companies, retailers, suppliers, and environmental experts, this study provides an evaluation of business impacts associated with key sustainability initiatives. This study also provides a “Path Forward” for companies to consider as part of their sustainability journey.

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Product #IA-2007-s

GMA partnered with Deloitte Consulting, the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) and Hartness International to create: “Sustainability: From Boardroom to Breakroom.” This report is intended to start addressing open questions and provide a “roadmap” to help avoid “unintended consequences” associated with Plant Operations.

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Product #IA-2008-s

This study delivers specific insights about how companies are using Global Data Synchronization (GDS) to improve their business performance. It also identifies for industry participants the areas and activities on which to focus to capture the greatest benefits. Accordingly, this report provides a roadmap for retailers and manufacturers to follow to deepen their own GDS capabilities.

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Product #IA-2006-sy

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and The Network of Executive Women (NEW) engaged A.T. Kearney to conduct a study of sales force talent management and diversity within the CPG industry. Drawing on surveys and interviews with executives and field employees from 34 CPG sales forces and eight retailers, as well as A.T. Kearney research and expertise, this study explores the current and future market factors thatdrive sales talent management, leading practices related to sales talent and diversity,and sales talent’s potential to improve business outcomes.

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Product #IA-2009-tt
GMA Webinar Series

In this webinar, listeners hear from a panel of industry experts who worked on the document as they:

- Identify the highlights of what's changed in the handbook since the passage of the Preventive Controls for Human Food Final Rule
- Synthesize key sections of the handbook into an easy-to-digest format
- Discuss how to conduct a Food Safety Plan, Validation Programs, and Supplier Programs in compliance with FSMA

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Product #SRA-2016-s2

The industry's challenges in 2007 and 2008 have prompted us to issue our most wide-ranging and comprehensive report to date. Of course, we've kept those sections you've come to expect. Inside you'll find the Financial Performance measures for the industry, as well as an examination of several critical issues. As we did last year, we've included a discussion of financial performance highlights specific to the manufacturer's customers - retailers and wholesalers - and a review of specific issues and trends that affect them. We also present some very interesting findings on sustainability practices and their apparent bottom-line implications.

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Product #IA-2008-tf

This report focuses on issues including operational planning, inventory management, outsourcing strategies, distribution, information technology and strategic supply chain practices. You will find that supply chain initiatives are working and supply chains have become more efficient since our last survey report in 2005. You will also find that there is not a one size fits all solution. Supply chain leaders are trying new practices across the board with each logistics operation having its own set of opportunities and challenges.

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Product #IA-2008-ls

The GMA 2010 Logistics Benchmark Report was conducted by IBM as commissioned by the GMA Logistics Committee. It focuses on issues pertaining to operational planning, inventory management, outsourcing strategies, distribution, information technology and strategic supply chain practices. As you’ll read, supply chain initiatives are working, and supply chains have become more efficient since our last survey report was published in 2008. You will also see that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to challenges. Each logistics operation has its own set of opportunities and challenges – compelling supply chain leaders to pursue new practices across the board.

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Product #IA-2010-lb

An element of unsaleables management that has come into focus in recent years is the impact of sales and procurement (internal sales, field sales organizations, sales and marketing agencies/brokers, merchandising, procurement and operations) on the volume of unsaleables. This document will reveal the findings of a study commissioned by the Joint Industry Unsaleables Leadership Team (JIULT) to better understand the effect of sales operations on unsaleables, provide recommendations to reduce the incidence of unsaleables, and raise industry awareness of future trends.

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Product #IA-2010-i

With Half of All Sales Growth Online, CPG Companies That Replicate Brick-and-Mortar Success Without Digital-Specific Strategies Face Stagnation and Share Loss, According to This New Report by BCG and GMA

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Product #IA-2016-w

Thermal Processes for Low-Acid Foods in Glass Containers is one of the best references available. This sixth edition contains information on installing and operation processing equipment for low-acid foods in glass containers, process tables for vegetable products, sources and control of spoilage contamination, and a sample daily process record form for still retorts.

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Product #SRA-1991-tp
Tomato Products

This edition was completely revised to include the very latest regulatory/product labeling and nutritional information as well as revised testing procedures.

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Product #SRA-1997-tp

The Senate passed H.R. 2576 on June 7, 2016. This bill makes important changes to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The bill was signed by President Obama on June 22, 2016 and is effective immediately. The new law will result in fundamental shifts in the requirements under TSCA pertinent to manufacturers of personal care products, while introducing important new concepts and approaches to domestic chemical management.

This timely webinar will address pertinent questions such as how, and by when, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will implement the new law, and how stakeholders can be expected to participate in these opportunities.

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Product #SRA-2016-tr

This report contains the results of the twelfth annual Joint Industry Unsaleables Benchmark Survey, sponsored by GM) and FMI through the Joint Industry Unsaleables Steering Committee.

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Product #IA-2006-u
GMA Technical Guidance

By providing an overview of the various regulations covering USDA inspections, this publication ensures that food processors know their rights.

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Product #SRA-2005-us
validation guidelines for automated control cover

The 2nd Edition of Validation Guidelines for Automated Control of Food Processing Systems Used for the Processing and Packaging of Preserved Foods is a collaborative effort between GMA members and the National Center for Food Safety and Technology (NCFST).

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Product #SRA-2002-vg

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