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The accompanying manual for the Acidified Foods Manufacturing School offered through North Carolina State University. The program provides instruction in concepts ranging from food handling techniques to critical factors in acidification. This program qualifies commercial operators and plants producing acidified foods to meet the requirements of the umbrella GMP and the specific GMP for acidified foods.

Paperback - $75.00
Product #SRA-2014-a

This slide deck, available for direct download, contains the Spanish version of 17 PowerPoint presentations which illustrate the primary concepts and figures contained in our Canned Foods manual, 7th edition. An excellent training aid for anyone teaching Better Process Control Schools.

PowerPoints & End-User License Agreement - $750.00
Product #SEF-2007-as
canned foods manuals, 7th edition spanish cover

An excellent reference for food processors, Canned Foods is recognized by FDA and USDA as the required textbook for all approved Better Process Control Schools.

Paperback - $110.00
Product #SEF-2007-a

This slide set, available for direct download, contains 17 PowerPoint presentations which illustrate the primary textual concepts and images contained in our latest Canned Foods manual, 8th edition. An excellent teaching aid for anyone teaching Better Process Control Schools.

Digital Download - $750.00
Product #SEF-2015-b
Canned Foods, 8th Edition

The quintessential processors handbook! Updated last summer, the 8th edition of our Canned Foods Manual includes the latest FDA process filing requirements, cooling water essentials, the use of new flexible and semirigid containers, and key elements from the Food Safety Modernization Act!

Paperback - $110.00
Product #SEF-2015-c

This guide contains information on materials, containers, product chemistry and best cannery practices to maximize corrosion shelf life by optimizing variables that increase corrosion service life.

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Product #SRA-2002-cc

A pamphlet that explains the harmless phenomenon of magnesium ammonium phosphate crystals in canned seafood. A good education tool for your consumer affairs and claims staff.

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Product #SRA-2004-c

The Fourth Edition of Guidelines for Evaluation and Disposition of Damaged Food Containers includes glass damage assessment in addition to cans, and contains numerous illustrations assisting in damage assessment.

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Product #SRA-1999-g

Your one step guide to developing and applying safe thermal processes for foods in flexible containers and processed with still retorts witoverriding pressure. Includes information on the temperature distribution and product heating rates in the retort, heat penetration tests, thermal process determination, biological process evaluation, and regulatory requirements.

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Product #SRA-1985-g
Managing Allergens Cover

This comprehensive publication—authored by GMA scientific and regulatory experts—is designed to assist food processors in meeting the challenge of creating effective allergen control and management strategies.

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Product #SRA-2009-ma

Thermal Processes for Low-Acid Foods in Glass Containers is one of the best references available. This sixth edition contains information on installing and operation processing equipment for low-acid foods in glass containers, process tables for vegetable products, sources and control of spoilage contamination, and a sample daily process record form for still retorts.

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Product #SRA-1991-tp
Tomato Products

This edition was completely revised to include the very latest regulatory/product labeling and nutritional information as well as revised testing procedures.

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Product #SRA-1997-tp

1 - 12 of 12 results