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This is a guidance document for the peanut shelling industry and provides examples of prerequisite and HACCP programs that can be used in ensuring the safe shelling of peanuts. The handbook is part of a broader nut industry initiative to provide food safety guidance for the supply chain and was developed using GMA’s Industry Handbook for the Safe Processing of Nuts and American Peanut Council’s Good Management Practices, 2009 as a foundation.

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Product #SRA-2016-sa1

This slide deck, available for direct download, contains the Spanish version of 17 PowerPoint presentations which illustrate the primary concepts and figures contained in our Canned Foods manual, 7th edition. An excellent training aid for anyone teaching Better Process Control Schools.

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Product #SEF-2007-as
canned foods manuals, 7th edition spanish cover

An excellent reference for food processors, Canned Foods is recognized by FDA and USDA as the required textbook for all approved Better Process Control Schools.

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Product #SEF-2007-a

This slide set, available for direct download, contains 17 PowerPoint presentations which illustrate the primary textual concepts and images contained in our latest Canned Foods manual, 8th edition. An excellent teaching aid for anyone teaching Better Process Control Schools.

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Product #SEF-2015-b

A pamphlet that explains the harmless phenomenon of magnesium ammonium phosphate crystals in canned seafood. A good education tool for your consumer affairs and claims staff.

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Product #SRA-2004-c

At the conclusion of this webinar, viewers will have the knowledge and tools to determine what records your company must create and retain as part of the final Preventive Controls rule, describe the scope of FDA's records access under FSMA, and apply practical tips and industry practices to your recordkeeping procedures.

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Product #SRA-2016-d

This guide is the GMA Equipment Design Checklist for Low Moisture Foods to evaluate compliance with the GMA Sanitary Design Principles for low moisture foods.

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Product #SRA-2010-e

Este guia é a Lista de verificação de design de equipamentos para alimentos de baixa umidade da GMA usada para avaliar a conformidade com os Princípios de design sanitário da GMA para alimentos de baixa umidade.

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Product #SRA-2010-ep

This guide is the GMA Facility Design Checklist to evaluate compliance with the GMA Sanitary Design Principles.

The GMA Sanitation Working Group has written the Facility Design Checklist to support and identify specifics of each of ten principles of sanitary design for food processing establishments. Using this tool will assist designers with identification of problem areas and potential design flaws that limit the effectiveness of cleaning and / or operational sanitation concerns.

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Product #SRA-2010-f

O Grupo de trabalho de saneamento da GMA criou a Lista de verificação de design de instalações para oferecer suporte e estabelecer especificidades de dez princípios de design sanitário destinados a estabelecimentos de processamento de alimentos. Esta ferramenta auxiliará os designers a identificar áreas problemáticas e potenciais falhas de design que limitem a eficácia da limpeza e/ou questões sanitárias operacionais.

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Product #SRA-2010-fp

The first pictographic dictionary of common defects for the flexible packaging industry drafted by the GMA (formerly NFPA) Flexible Package Integrity Committee (formed January 26, 1984). The committee involved over 130 packaging experts in the development of this bulletin to serve three purposes:

1) A resource that producers, developers, and processors of four types of flexible packages could use as a pictorial dictionary to identify and classify common defects.
2) Establish good manufacturing practice guidelines for primary manufacture of acceptable packages including “Hold for Investigation” (HFI) guidelines for industry approval.
3) List appropriate test methods for each of the four package types for testing filled packages.

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Product #SRA-1989-f
FSMA Final Rules Webinar Series

This 90-minute webinar, brought to you by GMA and Hogan Lovells, breaks down the final Preventive Controls rules for both human and animal food into an easy-to-understand digest while offering unique insight on the implications for your operation.

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Product #SRA-2015-f1

The purpose of a sanitation program is to provide a clean and sanitary environment for the safe manufacturing and handling of food products. The program should be written with the goal of producing safe food, with this goal in mind the cornerstone of an effective program is well developed Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP).

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Product #SRA-2015-ss

The Fourth Edition of Guidelines for Evaluation and Disposition of Damaged Food Containers includes glass damage assessment in addition to cans, and contains numerous illustrations assisting in damage assessment.

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Product #SRA-1999-g
HACCP manual, 4th edition spanish cover

The 4th edition of this highly successful manual is designed to assist in the development of a HACCP plan to meet a company's needs and comply with applicable U.S. regulations for meat, poultry, seafood and juice. Available in Spanish.

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Product #SRA-2008-hs
HACCP Slides, 4th Ed. (English)

This slide set, available for direct download, containing 15 PowerPoint presentations, highlights the main concepts covered in HACCP: A Systematic Approach to Food Safety, 4th edition. An excellent training aid for anyone teaching HACCP workshops. 4th edition

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Product #SRA-2006-ht
Managing Allergens Cover

This comprehensive publication—authored by GMA scientific and regulatory experts—is designed to assist food processors in meeting the challenge of creating effective allergen control and management strategies.

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Product #SRA-2009-ma

This guidance document, based on the 2009 GMA report, Control of Salmonella in Low Moisture Foods, was prepared to provide guidance to members of the US pasta industry for mitigating and controlling Salmonella in their facilities. These practices are recommended as an extension of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

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Product #SRA-2016-mi

¿Como deben de prepararse los proveedores y exportadores ante la implementación de las nuevas normas dictadas por la Ley de Modernización de la Inocuidad de Alimentos (FSMA)? ¿Cómo impactarán estas normas la exportación de productos agrícolas, alimentos y bebidas, en el comercio internacional entre América Latina y los Estados Unidos (EE.UU.)?

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Product #SEF-2015-cs
GMA Webinar Series

NEW! In this webinar, listeners hear from a panel of industry experts who worked on the document as they:

- Identify the highlights of what's changed in the handbook since the passage of the Preventive Controls for Human Food Final Rule
- Synthesize key sections of the handbook into an easy-to-digest format
- Discuss how to conduct a Food Safety Plan, Validation Programs, and Supplier Programs in compliance with FSMA

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Product #SRA-2016-s2

Thermal Processes for Low-Acid Foods in Glass Containers is one of the best references available. This sixth edition contains information on installing and operation processing equipment for low-acid foods in glass containers, process tables for vegetable products, sources and control of spoilage contamination, and a sample daily process record form for still retorts.

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Product #SRA-1991-tp

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