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This publication provides the food production and distribution industry with a custom cost analysis model for use between manufacturers and distributors. The model aids the partners in assessing the economic impact of case pack quantity changes on the total supply chain. The report discusses the impact case pack changes can have on consumer behavior and the reasons why case pack optimization is important and concludes that if supply chain costs and consumer demand effects are considered together, companies will benefit from increased profitability in two ways: a reduction in behind-the-scenes operating costs and an increase in sales to consumers.

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Product #IA-2000-cp

In this timely webinar, viewers will gain the knowledge and tools to:
Describe the coming changes to the warning regulations, effective August 30, 2018
Assess how these changes may impact their company
Take steps to prepare their company for the labeling changes.

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Product #SRA-2018-c
Product Image

Overlay this clear plastic ruler tool over any packaging to quickly check if your type size complies with the FDA's latest labeling rules.

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Product #SRA-2016-l
GMA Webinar Series

An introductory short course on food labeling, laying the foundation of the laws governing food labeling and the concepts and terminology of what's required to develop a food label. Viewers will have the knowledge and resources to identify statutory authorities that govern food labeling, describe the required label elements for FDA and USDA-regulated products, and describe the different approaches that FDA and USDA prescribe to food labeling.

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Product #SRA-2016-f5

These guidelines are intended for manufacturers of retail NRTE products (both FSIS- and FDA-regulated) that, by definition, require a pathogen lethality treatment (cooking) by consumers before consumption in their homes. Use of these guidelines will help assure that the cooking instructions are capable of achieving a time/temperature combination sufficient to reduce the number of vegetative pathogens that might be present in NRTE food products to a safe level.

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Product #SRA-2008-v
Managing Allergens Cover

This comprehensive publication—authored by GMA scientific and regulatory experts—is designed to assist food processors in meeting the challenge of creating effective allergen control and management strategies.

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Product #SRA-2009-ma

GMA’s “Minimizing the Presence of and Handling Abnormal Containers of Commercially Sterile Foods” was developed for processors, transporters and warehouse operators in the commercially sterile food industry. These practices can be applied universally, but the regulations cited herein are those that apply in the United States. Processors, transporters and warehouse operators may want to consider the food safety programs referenced in this document as the foundation for a successful system designed to minimize the potential for product spoilage from both underprocessing and container abuse.

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Product #SRA-2008-m
GMA Webinar Series

In this webinar, ingredient suppliers will be able to:
• Identify changes to the Nutrition Label that require new or different information on ingredient composition
• Identify analytical and other methods that can be used to obtain nutrient information
• Understand compliance requirements for the new labeling rules and timing for their implementation

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Product #SRA-2016-n4
GMA Webinar Series

The revised rules represent the largest overhaul to the Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP) and pertinent regulations since the inception of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act over 20 years ago. If you sell, market or manufacture packaged food and beverages, your product label will likely change as a result of these rules.

By the end of this 3-part series, participants will have the knowledge and tools to:

Identify brands and products impacted by final regulations
Develop new nutrition labeling strategies
Create an action plan to prepare your operation for the final rules and compliance dates
Apply requirements to the development of new labels, nutrient and health related claims and marketing strategies

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Product #SRA-2016-n
GMA Webinar Series

The first installment of the Nutrition Label Reform webinar series focuses on the changes to nutrition information used to build the Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP) including nutrient reference values, declaration of nutrients and rounding rules. The seminar also explores special labeling provisions and exemptions from nutrition labeling.

Find out:

Updates to Daily Values
Nutrient Declarations and Rounding Rules
NFP Provisions and Exemptions

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Product #SRA-2016-n1
GMA Webinar Series

Consumer’s diets and eating patterns have changed over the last two decades. This segment looks at the updates to the Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed (RACCs) and specific serving size rules that reflect these changes. We also explore the new requirements for presenting nutrition information to consumers and the resulting Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP) format changes.

Learn More About:

Updates and modifications to RACCs
Impact of RACC changes on current Nutrient Content Claims
New Single Serving Container definition
New dual-column NFP requirements
Changes to the NFP format

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Product #SRA-2016-n2
GMA Webinar Series

Along with the new requirements for nutrient declarations, there are also new requirements for compliance and record keeping. During this last segment we have examined:

New Compliance Requirements
Effective and Compliance Dates - What Do They Mean?
New Record Keeping Requirements - Fiber, Added Sugar and Folate
Record Keeping Basics

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Product #SRA-2016-n3

In this work, Mr. Hotchner has captured the history and development of can specifications from World War II to the present. The material contained in this work has heretofore not been readily available in the open literature. Mr. Hotchner has directed this narrative to those responsible for the manufacture and use of food cans, as well as to food technologists. It is appropriate for both industry personnel involved in canning as well as university food science students.

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Product #SRA-1995-p
GMA Webinar Series

In this webinar, experts at GMA, CardnoChemrisk and Greenburg Trauig, LLP discuss what food manufacturers will face in the wake of California OEHHA's 2016 proposal on point-of-sale (POS) signage for BPA, what other options are available for moving away from use of BPA, and updates on the status of OEHHA's development of a safe harbor level and the regulatory and scientific landscape surrounding BPA.

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Product #SRA-2016-p

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