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The accompanying manual for the Acidified Foods Manufacturing School offered through North Carolina State University. The program provides instruction in concepts ranging from food handling techniques to critical factors in acidification. This program qualifies commercial operators and plants producing acidified foods to meet the requirements of the umbrella GMP and the specific GMP for acidified foods.

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Product #SRA-2014-a

This guide offers best practices to help manufacturers and retailers address counterfeit goods in the marketplace. For the purposes of this guide, counterfeit goods are defined as illegitimately manufactured or adulterated goods. This guide does not address stolen goods, or products such as “replica” or “genuine imitation” items that do not otherwise violate a brand owner’s rights. This best practices guide presents methods for counterfeit detection, prevention and deterrence, as well as recommendations for responding to the discovery of suspect goods. This guide allows companies to benchmark their efforts and policies related to counterfeit product against what other consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are doing to safeguard their supply chains, protect their brand image and ensure the integrity of their customer and consumer relationships.

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Product #IA-2014-b

This article shares the findings of the 2014 Customer and Channel Management (CCM) Survey and provides an up-to-date perspective on the practices of top performing CPG companies. Our distinctive approach, linking customer and channel management practices to in-market results, gives us a unique perspective on which practices matter most and how much value they generate.

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Product #IA-2014-c

The initial scope of work was designed to focus on manufacturing and processing; transportation, and food sales (in store and in restaurant) of food products. Parts of the value chain specifically excluded were agricultural food production and consumer behavior in home with understanding that we would first aim to understand and tackle issues where the FWRA member companies can make the biggest impact. The FWRA plans to address agricultural production and in-home waste issues in the future.

Learn more about the Food Waste Reduction Alliance at

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Product #IA-2014-f1
HACCP Manual, 5th Edition

This popular instructional and resource manual builds on the knowledge and practical teachings used by the industry to teach and implement HACCP. Featuring new advances in food science and regulatory references from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), this text is a must for HACCP-related food safety management.

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Product #SRA-2014-h

Significantly expanded, the 4th edition of this comprehensive manual will prepare regulatory, safety and quality assurance professionals for managing a recall from soup to nuts.

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