Issues & Policy

GMA is an active, vocal advocate for its member companies and a trusted source of information about the industry and the products consumers rely on and enjoy every day. The association and its member companies are committed to meeting the needs of consumers through product innovation, responsible business practices and effective public policy solutions developed through a genuine partnership with policymakers and other stakeholders. Our public policy agenda is segmented into five primary categories, detailed below, and we actively pursue this agenda on behalf of the industry at the international, federal, state and local levels.

Health & Wellbeing

America’s food and beverage companies are committed to providing consumers with the products, tools and information they need to build healthier lifestyles.

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Preserving the Environment

GMA advocates for sustainable and energy efficient manufacturing and distribution practices for the consumer packaged goods industry.

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Global Commerce

GMA works to eliminate barriers to international trade and supports common-sense policies related to taxes, intellectual property and commodity prices.

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Growth & Innovation

GMA is the industry’s central resource for model practices in marketing and product distribution and offers its members a channel for collaborating with retailers to streamline these processes.

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State Affairs

Policymakers in the states look to GMA and its members for information and leadership on issues that are as vitally important as those being determined in Washington. Tax policy, solid waste management and chemicals management are just a few of the issues that are at the top of the list in states and localities throughout the U.S.

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