Growth & Innovation

Building an Efficient, Responsive Industry

GMA serves as a laboratory for new ideas and new ways of collaborating that brings the industry together – manufacturers and retailers alike – to tackle the tough issues that no one company can take on alone. Through its industry affairs practice, GMA has forged effective working relationships with retail trading partners up and down the supply chain that foster a collaborative approach to business growth and greater efficiency. 

What We Do

GMA provides the forums, thought leadership and resources that allow manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to develop joint approaches to key issues that in turn allows the CPG industry to develop the products consumers want as well as serve consumers faster, better and more completely than ever before.

Formula For Growth: Innovation, Big Data & Analytics

Our industry is entering an era of rapid-pace technological and digital innovation – fueling an enormous amount of “Big” Data – which has the potential to transform and even disrupt. Over the past year, GMA and its Information Systems Committee has worked with Deloitte to create the Formula for Growth, Innovation, Big Data & Analytics report, providing a summary of the key recommendations and conclusions on this critical industry topic.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

For such an extensive industry as the consumer packaged goods industry, it is essential to carefully plan every detail of the logistics and distribution of products from manufacturers to retail stores. These details help GMA members ensure that consumers have convenient access to their products at all times.

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Sales & Marketing

Through the ups and downs that follow economic cycles, the CPG industry thrives because it has its finger on the pulse of its consumers, and consumer need is the engine that drives the CPG industry’s quest for sustainable business growth and greater efficiency. GMA helps members maintain strong bonds with their consumers by offering the latest news and trends in sales and marketing.

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Industry Performance

GMA's Industry Performance practice aims to enhance, understand and communicate the drivers behind the CPG industry’s participation in global commerce. Industry chief financial officers and financial professionals advise GMA on financial issues, trends and business challenges in an ever-changing economic landscape.

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Industry Affairs Councils, Committees and Working Groups

Industry Affairs Councils, Committees and Working Groups review model practices across the consumer packaged goods industry, facilitate collaboration with retail trading partners, and advise GMA’s leadership and board of directors on the innermost workings of the industry and related policy issues.

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The Digital Future

Digital technology is reshaping consumers' everyday lives and most industries that serve them. The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is faced with a set of strategic and operational questions including: how deep and fast things will change, who will win and lose, and how should CPG companies holistically adapt to capture the growth? These and other key questions facing the industry.

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