Sales & Marketing

Through the ups and downs that follow economic cycles, the CPG industry thrives because it has its finger on the pulse of its consumers, and consumer need is the engine that drives the CPG industry’s quest for sustainable business growth and greater efficiency. GMA helps members maintain strong bonds with their consumers by offering the latest news and trends in sales and marketing.

Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing continues to be one of the most vastly expanding and promising areas of marketing spend for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers.

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Talent Management (Sales Force)

Today as never before, salespeople for CPG companies must act as merchandisers, strategists, marketers, branding experts, general managers, creative thinkers and collaborators.

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Customer & Channel Management

The retail landscape has become more challenging. While some of these changes mean new opportunities, they are also driving fragmentation and, consequently, greater complexity for manufacturers.

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Sales Agency Utilization

CPG companies of all kinds can realize extensive value by scrutinizing their sales and marketing agency (SMA) usage decisions more thoroughly.

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Coupons offer an essential way for GMA members and other retailers to build a lasting relationship with their customers. GMA, led by its Joint Industry Coupon Committee, closely monitors developments in the area of coupons.

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Unsaleables Management

GMA actively addresses the issues of reverse logistics management and facilitates dialogue between industry trading partners to identify solutions to reverse logistics challenges.

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