Coupons offer an essential way for GMA members and other retailers to build a lasting relationship with their customers. GMA, led by its Joint Industry Coupon Committee, closely monitors developments in the area of coupons.

Important coupon issues include: identifying ways to simplify the use of coupons for consumers and checkout clerks, preventing the use of counterfeit coupons and providing industry guidance on the production and issuance of paper and digital coupons.

The Joint Industry Coupon Committee works to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the development, distribution and redemption of coupons. This committee is comprised of individuals who oversee a company’s coupon programs and may work in departments such as promotions, marketing, media services and other areas. GMA provides support through collaborative partnerships with the Food Marketing Institute, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, National Grocers Association, Association of Coupon Professionals and GS1 US.

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