Unsaleables Management

In 1989, GMA began to actively address the issues of reverse logistics management within the supply chain. Since then, GMA has helped initiate dialogue between industry trading partners to identify solutions to reverse logistics management. Collaboratively, with our industry trading partners, GMA has produced benchmarking reports, whitepaper and industry guidance to provide solutions to the management of unsaleable product. GMA and its industry partners continue to provide structure and guidance around this issue. In 2000, GMA teamed up with Food Marketing Institute to form a Joint Industry Unsaleables Leadership Team to bring full industry awareness to the issue.

GMA, the Food Marketing Institute, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association sponsor the annual Joint Industry Unsaleables Management Conference to provide participants the knowledge and tools necessary to create and implement a comprehensive unsaleables management strategy.

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