Supply Chain & Logistics

A coordinated and efficient supply chain is essential to meeting consumer expectations for convenient access to safe, affordable products. GMA works with its members to maximize supply chain efficiencies that will take costs out of the distribution system and deliver the products consumers want when they want them.

Logistics & Distribution

The careful planning of every detail related to the logistics and distribution of products from manufacturers to retail stores is what allows GMA member companies to ensure that consumers have convenient access to their products at all times.

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Information Systems

Technology is a major area of focus for GMA and the CPG industry, where Internet, integrated network solutions, data mining, and other issues are at the core of major companies' business operations.

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Direct Store Delivery

The efficient systems by which GMA members deliver goods to retailers can have an enormous impact on consumer satisfaction. Direct Store Delivery (DSD) companies—that is, companies that ensure timely and safe product delivery from manufacturer to retailer—are essential in this mission.

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New Ways of Working Together

The New Ways of Working Together framework was established to help facilitate enhanced trading partner collaboration designed to jointly grow their businesses.

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Manufacturing Excellence

The Manufacturing Excellence Share Group provides a forum in which CPG manufacturing executives discuss opportunities for enhancing the operations and processes that support the production of high quality consumer packaged goods.

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Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) is a system that enables GMA members and other consumer packaged goods companies to work together, seamlessly linking the industry from manufacturer to consumer and illustrating the entire supply chain from one end to the other.

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