Global Standards

GMA promotes development of science-based global standards by participating in various activities of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC).  Codex, an intergovernmental organization comprising World Trade Organization (WTO) member states and accredited observer organizations, and is recognized by the WTO’s Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards (SPS) as the international food safety standard development body.  

Codex’s mandate – to ensure food safety and facilitate international trade – results in food standards that are crucial for international trade in food and agricultural products.  These standards help GMA members deliver safe products to consumers around the world.

WTO member states and accredited observer organizations can participate in all Codex meetings and receive all documents under consideration in Codex committees.  GMA serves as the secretariat for the International Council of Grocery Manufacturers Associations (ICGMA), which is an accredited Codex observer.   GMA incorporates scientific and business expertise of GMA and ICGMA members, participates in Codex technical and policy meetings, and discusses Codex standards development with appropriate officials in the U.S. government.

GMA also convenes the Food Industry Codex Coalition (FICC), a group of food and agriculture trade associations and GMA member companies.  The objective of the FICC is to discuss agenda items pending in Codex committees,  determine issues of mutual interest, and identify ways the food industry can work together to promote science-based food standards and policies.     

To learn more about GMA’s participation in Codex or to get involved in relevant member company committees, contact appropriate officials at national and international levels.

International Council of Grocery Manufacturer Associations (ICGMA)


Contact: Nancy Wilkins, director, Federal Affairs, Agriculture and Food Policy