Food Waste

There is no bigger opportunity for our industry to simultaneously address hunger in America and our environmental footprint than by reducing the amount of food sent to landfills by diverting food to food banks and food waste to beneficial alternatives like compost. These actions represent not only a significant opportunity to help the hungry, but also an opportunity to reduce emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.  

GMA companies and the food industry recognize this problem and have been taking steps to reduce food waste.  

Analysis of U.S. Food Waste Among Food Manufacturers, Retailers, and Restaurants (2014)

Food Manfacturers and Food Waste Infographic

Food Waste Reduction Alliance

To address challenges presented by food waste, the food industry came together to form the Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA). Led by GMA, the Food Marketing Institute, and the National Restaurant Association, the project has two overall goals- increase food to donation and decrease food waste sent to landfills.

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